A Bottle and a Bullet

Until three o’clock in the morning, the rum flowed. Music was provided by one of the village elders who commandeered my guitar and played the only song that he knew many times over. Intermittently, we would impose an intermission by playing wild rhythms on a large drum which must have created an eerie vibration at the yacht club meeting across the bay. None of its members came to investigate the source of this tribal sound, but given the nature of human curiosity, it was undeniable that somewhere very near, someone realized that they were at the wrong party… Click the link to check out the new post on Movement Sailing! In Search of the Promised Land – Bottle and a Bullet

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Removed People from WhatsApp Group can See the Last Conversation Before Their Removal?

A question from a user and a tested answer: https://www.howtochatonline.net/chat-apps/whatsapp/can-removed-people-see-last-conversations-on-whatsapp-group/

I think she is in trouble. 😀

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