Reviewing Skin Products

Tired of seeing ads so I decided to test out products so people wouldn’t have to buy crap anymore. But if it’s good, then at least they’d know they’re getting what they’re paying for. I’m a beauty blogger part time.

Anywho, I made a review of a product over days ago right here:

Tip: Lower expectations to actually please yourself when testing out creams and lotions

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All about blogging, from creating a blog to displaying adsense.

1- How to create a blog 2- How to add page to blog 3- How to create and publish blog post 4- How to add page view counter or hit counter on blogger step by step guide 5- How to customize blogger template with Template Designer 6- Create pages with label in blogger 7- How to insert code block or syntax in blogger 8- How to add related posts with thumbnails in blogger 9- How to add read more link button in blogger 10- How to show adsense ads below post title in blogger 11- Adsense Overylay Ads Get All in One!

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Hair Replacement Service

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