Three Decades Of Growing Pains.

I recently started a blog that has no personal information like my name, followed by a catchy intro listing off the things I value and associate myself with.

The point is to just write. I’ve found it immensely therapeutic. Read it. It’s new, it’s rough, and it’s mine.

Keep writing.

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5 Trending Potential Career Options from the Architecture Field

Architecture, first of all is a professional degree courses endow us with many good career options. The primary options are- Architect, Post secondary Architecture Teacher, Construction Manager, Architectural Manager, Urban and Regional Planner. But wait— there is a lot more to studying architecture than just appreciation of marvelous designs.Read More

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Made a DIY project yesterday and decided to write about it

Curse myself for not taking vids so I had to write down the recipe of the papaya soap I made. It was supposed to be a simple demo video I’ll be doing but I got a little to into it so bah. Made my content making a bit harder.

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College Blog Project part 3

Part 1:

Part 2:

Hello! This will be the last of my blogs, and probably the one that is most like a blog. This one will be focusing on my thoughts about this bill. Again, the bill is HB 659, which would grant physicians immunity to perform an emergency and involuntary examination of a mental health, drug, or alcohol abused victim.

I do not agree with this bill. I think it is detrimental to the patients and their families. Even though it is meant to help them, I think it will cause more harm. To me, it invades their personal privacy, which is a universal right (Article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights). The physician will be able to evaluate them no matter what the patient says. They won’t be listened too because the “doctor knows more than the patient.” The doctors can argue that the patient is not in the right mindset to make that decision, but they do not truly know. The patient knows themselves better than anyone else could. I know the physicians are trained, but the human mind is so complex that it is nearly impossible to tell what state the patient is actually in. They can act out for several of reasons but still be perfectly fine, and vice versa. For example, a patient may act perfectly fine, but deep down they are very depressed and may be thinking of suicide. On the other hand, they may be acting out for various reasons, such as getting one’s attention.

The physicians could needlessly conduct evaluations. I am sure that most won’t, but it is still a possibility. They may think the patient needs an evaluation even though the patient may not. Since it is involuntary, they can conduct the evaluation even if the patient and the family think it is not right. This will take a mental toll on both the family and the patient. The patient is subjugated to this involuntary examination while the family has to sit and watch it happen.

I personally think that the patients would be in a situation like lab rats. They are being forced to be evaluated against their wishes, just like how lab rats are experimented on. They are both subjugated to these “experiments” by other people and they do not get a say in it. I hope that this bill will never be passed due to these reasons.

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College Blog Project Part 2

Link to part 1:

The bill I was researching since January was HB 659, which stated that physicians will be granted immunity if they need to perform an emergency and involuntary examination of a person with a mental health, drug, or alcohol abuse disorder. Again, this bill did not get passed the prefiled stage, but I still have strong feelings about the bill so I wanted to share it. This post will talk more about the bill, and the final post will be my thoughts.

The legislation meets for forty days, and they decide the fate of prefiled bills. This specific bill was introduced back in December 2017, so it was a fairly recent bill for the legislation. I think it was introduced at this time because more is becoming known about mental health disorders, and that they are still a serious threat to people’s lives. Mental health is ill-defined because of the stipulation around it. People think that they are not a serious thing, or in some cases, that they are not even real, because it is hard to research these disorders. If this bill was passed, any physician, psychologist, peace officer, attorney, emergency medical technician, paramedic, or health official would be granted immunity to perform an emergency or involuntary examination of a mental health, drug, or alcohol abused patient. I think this is very wrong, and although it would theoretically decrease the number of suicides because these people would be getting help, the bill is not well thought out and could cause severe problems for both the patients and the patients’ families. This will be talked about more in the third post, and thank you for reading!

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College Blog Project part 1

Hello r/blogs! I will be writing a 3 part blog for a project. This will be about a bill that was prefiled in the 2017-2018 Georgia General Assembly. The specific bill is HB 659, which will grant immunity to physicians that perform involuntary and emergency evaluations on mental health, drug and alcohol abuse disorders. This first post will be the background of mental health. Mental health disorders in this case means problems such as depression and bi-polar, not clinically defined disorders such as autism.

Mental health diagnoses have increased in the past decade, but most parents end services after a few sessions (Kern et al., 2017). Mental health is currently labeled as a crisis, especially for college students (Xiao et al., 2017). Physicians treat mental health disorders in a wide variety of ways and there are no traditional methods to treat the disorders as of yet (Bischoff, Springer, & Taylor, 2017). Substance abuse disorders are a significant public health problem that are often associated with mental health disorders (Gates, Turney, Ferguson, Walker, & Staples-Horne, 2017). These two are associated with high risk of suicide and are more prevalent among prisoners and inmates (Gates et al., 2017). Since mental health is still not clearly defined, ways to help these people are still mysterious for the most part. People with mental health disorders can act perfectly fine even though they are not, and vice versa. This begs the question if people suffering from these disorders should be subjected to involuntary and emergency evaluations.

Part two will talk more about the specific bill, and part three will be my thoughts on the bill.

**Disclaimer: This bill was not passed or looked at in the general assembly meeting, it was only prefiled.


Bischoff, R. J., Springer, P. R., & Taylor, N. (2017). Global Mental Health in Action: Reducing Disparities One Community at a Time. Journal Of Marital And Family Therapy, 43(2), 276-290. doi:10.1111/jmft.12202

Gates, M. L., Turney, A., Ferguson, E., Walker, V., & Staples-Horne, M. (2017). Associations among Substance Use, Mental Health Disorders, and Self-Harm in a Prison Population: Examining Group Risk for Suicide Attempt. International Journal Of Environmental Research And Public Health, 14(3). doi:10.3390/ijerph14030317

Kern, L., Mathur, S. R., Albrecht, S. F., Poland, S., Rozalski, M., & Skiba, R. J. (2017). The Need for School-Based Mental Health Services and Recommendations for Implementation. School Mental Health, 9(3), 205-217. doi:10.1007/s12310-017-9216-5

Xiao, H., Carney, D. M., Youn, S. J., Janis, R. A., Castonguay, L. G., Hayes, J. A., & Locke, B. D. (2017). Are we in crisis? National mental health and treatment trends in college counseling centers. Psychological Services, 14(4), 407-415. doi:10.1037/ser0000130

Edit: Added the sources

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I posted a little bit ago and made some changes… I changed the SSL cert on the site and I updated the color scheme.

Some things I’m still working on:

-My back-to-top button doesn’t change colors for some reason?

-On my homepage, I think my “What Is Credit?” post has a broken image but this could be just in my system, would like to know if it affects anyone else though

-I know my about page is lacking and my contact page doesn’t exist, I want to focus on the beef of the homepage, it seems like it’s more important, (I’ll stop if the about page is more important)

I’m in almost week 2 of blogging/website creation so I will take any critiques that I can and look forward to all of your replies! Thanks guys for being an awesome community!

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