How can we select the strongest decision tree classifiers in a random forest?

I was looking into applications of the random forest classifier, and stumbled upon this post:

What’s really interesting was that the analyst was able to extract the individual strong classifiers out of the random forest and make individual insights using the predictors. I’ve not written such a model from scratch but using statistical packages (e.g. Scikit-Learn) the classifier doesn’t output insights such as these showing how the various predictors interact. Does anyone know how that can be done?

E.g. Given a binary classification problem, train a random forest classifier using a dataset with 500 attributes; Attribute 25 and 145 were identified as a particularly strong classifier with x% error

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How to find short-term statistics about Nevin Manimala-related work?

Long story short, my job hunt is not going well. Can’t commit to doing apps 24/7 due to my M.S. program being a major time waster. I am looking for something over the summer to pay the bills and maybe after graduation as well (I’m finishing in December). What kind of jobs should I look for that I could get hired in within 1-2 months?

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Gokyo valley Trekking with Students-March 2018

Frolic Adventure has great experience of organizing Trekking Tour to Gokyo valley in Everest region to the student group in March 2018. There were 10 students and 3 teachers from an International School of Tanganyika (Tanzania). Everyone has reached the final destination (Gokyo Ri- 5360M.) without any problem. We had oxygen cylinder with us for the group for the emergency but no one needed to use it. Frolic Adventure congrats to all of the students, teachers and we are thankful to all for the great support and being as a family. We started our first day of the trek by flying to Lukla and trek about 3 hours to Phakding. It was perfect weather for the flight to Lukla. We flew as regular schedule and trek to Phakding. Everyone was happy to be in such a cool place and they were excited to see the scenic Everest Himalayan range. When we were trekking to Namche on the second day, it was snowing about an hour, but students were happy cause they were having the good time to feel the snow. We had one spare day at Namche for the acclimatization as most of the trekkers have. We hiked to Everest View Hotel for the acclimatization and to see the view. The weather was very nice and clear so we saw all the nice and high mountains of Everest region. After spending 2 nights at Namche Bazaar, we kept continuing our trekking to next destination with another beautiful day and the scenery. While walking on the trail, there were some Himalayan Tahrs were welcoming from the side of the walking trail to the students. When we entered the forest on the way to dole after having Lunch at Mong, There are some ices climbing spots with the huge amount of ice. Students were breaking those ices and playing while they were walking. They were forgetting all the difficulties of walking by playing with ice. This day we crossed the tree line and reached the open area. The mountains were becoming closer to us and the supportive weather was making the trip worthy. From Dole next 2 days of the trek to the final destination were shorter because of we were preventing the altitude problem. When we reached the first Lake among five lakes of Gokyo valley, we saw some mergansers (Himalayan Ducks) on the Lake and they were singing with their sound to make our trip memorable. When we reached to Gokyo, we all were happy because all of us made it. We still had one more challenge which was Gokyo Ri. Students loved the place in Gokyo because of the rooms were warm, the dining room was warm with the nice view of the lake, and loved the food. We spend 2 nights at Gokyo then trek back by following the same way which we had trekked on the way upwards. Everybody was happy and feeling comfortable to descend. We had again nice weather to fly back to Kathmandu and got the regular flight on time. After the mountain section, the city part had started. After full day rest at Hotel in Kathmandu, next morning we visited one of the world heritage sites of Nepal (Monkey Temple) and gave free day to the students for the final shopping in Thamel. The last evening of the group in Kathmandu, we celebrated our successful trekking trip with cake and certificate of the achievement. Remember to Frolic Adventure for any trekking Tour in Nepal for school and university students.

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Free/low cost software to analyse data?

Hello there, we’ve carried out a survey as a school project. We interviewed 273 people. The topic was renewable energy. Now we face a problem: we need to analyse data (15 questions) possibly also based on gender, age, location, etc, but we don’t know any programme that could help us, and we don’t want to count and calculate everything manually 😅. Does anybody have suggestions?

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