Isle of Dogs Review – Projected Film

This week I review Wes Anderson’s latest film, ‘Isle of Dogs’.

Is it worth your time, and more importantly, was it full of ‘good boys’? All questions I answer in my review below.

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In Search of the Promised Land Pt. VIII – “You’ll be a Man, my son!” | An inspiring story of adventure and self discovery on the high seas.

Our final days in the Pacific Ocean were filled with bliss, introspection, and a quiet excitement for the journey to come. There were thousands of ocean miles in our wake, and we had become more than a crew. We were a family. Each of us looked out for the others as a brother or sister and we shared a profound trust… click the link to read more: In Search of the Promised Land

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Summer tire advice thread! Share your advice, ask your questions.

There are many places to read reviews and buy tires. Two of the best known resources are and We encourage everyone to gather data from a variety of sources. You may find your best resource to be model specific subreddits or forums. See this list: /r/AutosNetwork/wiki/main.

This thread will end up going into the sidebar and remain open for your comments. Individual tire choosing threads will be deleted.

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Weekly – What Car Should I Buy Megathread

Weekly – What Car Should I Buy Megathread

Any posts pertaining to car buying suggestions or advice go in this weekly Megathread. A fresh thread will be posted every Monday and posts auto sorted by new. A few other subreddits worth checking out that will help your car buying expierance is /r/WhatCarShouldIBuy, /r/UsedCars and /r/AskCarSales. Make/Model specific questions should be asked on Make/Model specific subreddits. Check the AutosNetwork for a complete list of those subreddits. Also check out our community made Ultimate car buying wiki

For those posting,

Please use the following template in your post.

  • Location: (Specify your country or region)

  • Price range: (Minimum-Maximum in your local currency)

  • Lease or Buy:

  • New or used:

  • Type of vehicle: (Truck, Car, Sports Car, Sedan, Crossover, SUV, Racecar, Luxury etc.)

  • Must haves: (4×4, AWD, Fuel efficient, Navigation, Turbo, V8, V6, Trunk space, Smooth ride, Leather etc.)

  • Desired transmission (auto/manual, etc):

  • Intended use: (Daily Driver, Family Car, Weekend Car, Track Toy, Project Car, Work Truck, Off roading etc.)

  • Vehicles you’ve already considered:

  • Is this your 1st vehicle:

  • Do you need a Warranty:

  • Can you do Minor work on your own vehicle: (fluids, alternator, battery, brake pads etc)

  • Can you do Major work on your own vehicle: (engine and transmission, timing belt/chains, body work, suspension etc )

  • Additional Notes:

For Those Responding and Making Suggestions,

  • Facts: Are ideal in this thread, especially when trying to help out a new car buyer. Don’t just blatantly make stuff up. If /r/cars does one thing right as a community, we call people out on b/s. Have the source ready to backup your statement and reasoning for your suggestions. A good percentage of folks here take

For Those Asking,

  • Be sure to thank those who take the time to offer you advice. Especially those that lead you to a purchase. A follow up thank you and letting them know their advice led to a purchase is a very warm fuzzy feeling.

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