When does math get REALLY hard?

So before you read this post, please keep in mind that I’m just a 16 year old with an interest in math more coupled with my passion for computer programming

So math has never really been a problem for me, as is true probably for most people on this Reddit. I remember when I was in algebra, I would hear about concepts such as derivatives and integrals. I would think to myself… “MAN. THAT SOUNDS REALLY COOL AND HARD”. Now I’m actually in a calculus class, solving those problems. They are still cool, but not necessarily too hard to grasp, although relative rate problems are a bit tricky. My main question is, when does math get truly difficult to the point where it’s not intuitive anymore. Where you look at something the first time and you say to yourself for about a week before understanding the problem, “I have no idea what is happening”. I asked my father this same question, who is a statistics professor, and he had reached that point when he took a class called “Real Analysis”. What class allowed you guys to reach that point and what point do you guys think most “above average mathematicians” start to really become challenged by understanding concepts? Thanks.

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How much does weight distribution affect handling?

Manufacturers and car reviewers all like to tout “perfect 50-50 weight distribution” but how much does it really affect the handling and the way the car behaves?

A 911 has the engine in the back and is a sports car yet doesn’t have 50-50 weight distribution. Just how important is weight distribution?

If a car has too much weight in the back I could see it swinging around like a pendulum, but at the same time wouldn’t you have better traction on the rear wheels?

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Multivariate(?) Garch, EGarch and Arch models

I need to test for heteroskedasticity using Egarch garch en arch. I’m aware how to do this using the formulae and in eviews for 1 single stock or index, but im at a loss when i need to do it for multiple stocks/indexes.

Can I just aggregate the returns and residuals? can I just add more dependant variables in eviews/stata and run the same test as for one dependant variable? Currently I’m learning about R and the RMGARCH package but tbh i just started using it a couple hours ago and I have no clue how it works :).

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Is it hard to sell an expensive car on Craigslist?

I have a 2014 Infiniti that I can list for around $20k if I post on Craigslist, but first I was wondering how good of a market there is for more expensive cars like that. To me it seems like Craigslist is more for somebody that’s looking for something that has a little higher mileage and is cheaper than a dealership, so I feel like most users are looking for stuff in the $5-15k range. I would prefer to not lose a ton of money on my car from trading in, but at the same time I’m not really sure if it will sell on Craigslist in the first place.

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I wish Chrysler was a full fledged American luxury division of FCA

Hear me out (and honestly someone should just make me the CEO of FCA at this point).

FCA has a very diverse portfolio of vehicles. We’ve got: Fiat, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, RAM, Alfa Romeo, and Maserati as the main categories here in the states (Fiat is basically almost dead here, though).

But I feel FCA seems a bit lost right now. I feel their American lineups are all over the place, and this is my idea / opinion on how they should be doing it.

I feel Dodge is in an alright spot right now. I believe they should be the “sportier” mainstream offering of the group. I feel the Chrysler Pacifica should’ve never been rebranded under Chrysler, and it should’ve been kept in the Dodge family under the Grand Caravan (or new name). As long as they update the Journey, Charger/Challenger, and Durango they should be good. The platforms for all except the Journey are still competitive, but they desperately need newly designed interiors.

RAM and Jeep are fine where they’re at right now, with very well selling and saturated vehicles. Still waiting on the Grand Wagoneer.

Alfa Romeo and Maserati are okay as well, but both could use a bit of work in advertising since they don’t sell as much as the competition (Mercedes/BMW/Audi/Lexus). Still waiting on a Giulia Coupe and larger SUV from Alfa as well.

Chrysler is just a shit show right now. I don’t even want to discuss the current lineup, actually, because there IS NO LINEUP.

What I think FCA should’ve been doing all along is rebranding the Chrysler division as a full fledged luxury car brand to compete against newer Cadillac, Lincoln, Mercedes, Lexus, etc.

I know this is what Alfa Romeo and Maserati are for, but those are still foreign brands. Here in the US, out of the big 3, only 2 have luxury divisions.

If FCA spent time and money for R&D and designed some very luxurious vehicles, I feel it could really easily be a hit. The current 300 is already viewed as an “almost luxury” vehicle in certain areas, but it’s still extremely outdated. BUT, the boxy and retro design (with updates) could still be a good seller.

I know sedan sales are falling and crossovers are rising, but I feel they should also bring in a smaller luxury RWD sedan like the 200 again, but I could see why they wouldn’t consider this because of the small profit margins. If they could make a BMW 3 series competitor (literally redesign the Giulia and give it a ‘Chrysler fine tuned’ twist to it, it would be a solid competitor). Fine, we’ll skip it.

They could put out a badass couple of crossovers that could easily compete with other ones out in the market. As long as they’re decently quick (without that DISGUSTING 9-speed ZF) and ride very smooth & quiet with an extremely luxurious interior, they’d be an easy hit as well, although the crossover segment is VERY overcrowded. They should also bring back the Aspen to compete against something like the new Lincoln Aviator.

Also, a full fledged and sized luxury SUV would be great. I know we’re still waiting for a “Grand Wagoneer” from Jeep, but c’mon it’s been YEARS. But at the same time, that car under Jeep was already claimed to be competing against Range Rover, so I’m not sure if it’d be a good idea to make it under the Chrysler brand at the same time. Maybe they could use the platform from the Grand Wagoneer but aim it to compete against the Lincoln Navigator / Cadillac Escalade? And make the Grand Wagoneer a more luxurious off roader? Idk.

Ugh. I just have so many ideas and high hopes for FCA, but I know none of this will happen. They’re just too late to the game. Like they really don’t have any hybrids or EV’s besides the Pacifica yet…

I’m not an FCA fanboy, but growing up with a lot of family working and retiring through Chrysler, it leaves a special place in my heart. I do want to see them succeed, but it just seems they’re not dividing enough attention amongst all the divisions of brands in their portfolio.

I feel they’re waiting way too long to get things moving, and even Chrysler has had an awful history in the early 2000’s that it’d take a lot of reimaging to get them competitive.

Just my wandering thoughts.

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