80s Japanese cars that were sold in Europe too?

I just wanted to ask this here since somebody might know some. I’m looking for 80s Japanese cars in the kind of style like a Nissan cedric or Toyota mark II that were sold in Europe too and not just in Japan. I know the ones like 200sx and that kinda stuff I’m just looking for that kinda boxy shape (if that makes sense). Any answer is welcome.

I know I probably shouldve asked this in the buying thread but I felt like this might be better as a post itself since I don’t really plan on buying one right now but just want to know what cars like that there are.

Also sorry for broken English.

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Non-Newtonian Calculi

Recently I was thinking about what a multiplicative derivative and integral would be. I came up with:
rfdx = limh->0 (f(x+h)/f(x))1/h
which is the geometric derivative. Of course after googling it I found out about the geometric and bigeometric derivatives.

Next I tried using a different operation. Analogous to the harmonic mean, I defined harmonic addition which is
a⊕b = [a-1 + b-1]-1 and the harmonic difference a⊖b = a⊕(-b)=[a-1 – b-1]-1 And the harmonic derivative
hf dx = = limh->0 h [f(x+h) ⊖ f(x)]

h is multiplied by the difference because of the natural repetition operator.
x = x
x ⊕ x = x / 2 x ⊕ x + … + x ⊕ x = x / n

Repeated addition is multiplication, so the standard derivative multiplies the function difference by 1/h. Repeated multiplication is exponentiation, so the geometric derivative takes the function ratio to the power 1/h. Repeated harmonic addition is division, so the harmonic derivative uses 1/(1/h) * a = h * a. It’s probably skipping over a bunch of details though. Obviously after doing this I found the derivatives of the usual common functions
h[x-2] dx =1/(2x) and found how each was related to the normal derivative
rfdx = ef’/f

I haven’t been able to find anything talking about this harmonic derivative. I found sources talking about infinite families of Non-Newtonian calculi but they only ever talked about geometric and bigeometric. One site did mention quadratic and harmonic derivatives, but only in passing. Also there were a lot of papers that seemed beyond my level (calc 1 and 2, lin algebra, and general self study)

Basically I’m looking for the correct terminology and resources to look into this more. As well I’m wondering if there are any other notable generalized derivatives. Perhaps some that aren’t just

EDIT: Sorry if the formatting is terrible. I composed this on mobile during lecture lol
Tried fixing the formatting. I may have forgotten an negative sign. I’m trying to figure out where specifically I got my formula for it from. It doesn’t change the idea of the post though.

The article mentioning the quad and harm. http://planetmath.org/nonnewtoniancalculus

I think I didn’t give this article a fair chance at first. It’s seems to answer my questions. https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1080/0020739790100406

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The worst dealership experience I’ve ever had.

I bought a used 2012 f250 a few weeks ago, and the day I was at the dealership, everything went fine. I got them to throw in new tires, bought the bumper to bumper warranty, was in and out in under 4 hours. Not that it should matter, but I paid with a cashiers check for the truck, and put the warranty on my credit card.Drove 5 hours back home, and was pretty happy.

Over the weekend, I’m looking over my truck, and see that the tires they put on are the improper load range. For an f250 they should be load #118. Each wheel needs to be able to support almost 3k lbs. the ones they put on were for a lighter truck, and each wheel is rated for 2600 lbs. ok, gonna have to call them Monday…

The following Monday, I get a voicemail that they need to send me a check, because they “did the tax wrong”. I call the guy, and he’s real nice the whole time, letting me know that they over charged my taxes by the exact amount that the warranty costs. I pry a little, and he then tells me he gave me the wrong price for the warranty, so I’m not getting it unless I want to pay more. At this point, I’m pretty pissed, and since I paid cash, I left with all of my sales paperwork, warranty info, etc. I told him it’s his problem that he fucked up the pricing on the warranty, and I’ve got paperwork that says I paid the agreed upon prices for the agreed upon sale. I asked about the tires at this time as well, and he connected my call to some one from the service dept. I talked with him about my situation, he said he’d look into it and give me a call back.

Now the dealership has sent me a new “retail buyers order” and warranty paperwork. They want me to sign and return this new sales paperwork and they promise that I’ll still have the warranty, pay the price I was told, and the guy with the tires is still “looking into” my situation.

My thoughts are that I’ve already signed one contract, why should I be signing anything else? Also I’m pissed because I’ve got a voicemail from this scumbag saying I’m getting money back, not saying that he’s trying to cancel my warranty coverage. Do I need to hit the gym and lawyer up?

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