Going to college, what to do with my first car?

I’m going off to college next year and my car won’t be needed as the college provides plenty of transportation so my parents do not want to pay for a car I won’t use.

My options are to sell it or let both of my younger siblings use it for maybe 4 years and then give it back to me.

As you know, we car enthusiasts get really attached to our cars, ESPECIALLY our first cars.

Would you rather see your first car get taken away and never see it again or have your siblings beat it to death after you’ve taken such good care of it and then get it back?

(Chances are if I just sell it I’ll get another car after college)

Thank you so much!

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Anyone ever had their car stolen?

This just happened to me last friday, and I’m still having a hard time coping with it. Has this ever happened to any of you guys? If so, how did you cope with it? My car was stolen right from my driveway and I feel so violated. In the case my car isn’t recovered, I don’t feel secure enough to purchase another car right now, yet I need one.

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New 2019 Chevy Camaro Preview

Here is a link to an article previewing it.. What do you guys think? Personally I’m kind of upset, but I guess I should just wait to see it in person before completely disregarding it. Looks pretty ugly in my opinion, and I feel like it likely won’t be very different besides possibly (likely) receiving the 10 spd transmission. Only time will tell.. Looks like I might have to consider a mustang afterall…sigh

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Help with interpreting parameter estimates of a GLM

Hi all.

I’m performing a GLM testing the effects of 3 angles and speed on duty factor (% time spent with foot off the ground compared to on the ground).

I am trying to find the equations of the 3 lines and I am having trouble. Any help?

Here’s the output: https://imgur.com/222363C

Here’s the graph: https://imgur.com/vYsiUPG

EDIT: using SPSS

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’05 Toyota Corolla fuel pump issues, died 3 times in 6 months

Hi all, new to /r/cars. I’m looking for a reasonability check since I’m not mechanically inclined. My ’05 corolla is at 223k miles and has been solidly reliable up to last year. My mechanic says I take good car of it and it’s in great condition (for it’s age). Asides from typical NE Ohio weather and rust related issues, the first major issues I got were starter died 2 years ago, the key cylinder broke recently, and now the fuel pump has died on me for the 3rd time in 6 months.

I don’t suspect the mechanic is trying to scam me. He didn’t charge me for the 2nd repair at all. Now on the 3rd repair he says he found a bulletin about aftermarket fuel pumps being a common issue for older corollas. He’s trying to find a Toyota brand fuel pump and will only charge me the difference in price to repair it now.

As info, the mechanic says it’s unrelated, but my check engine light popped on after the 2nd fuel pump repair. I could smell a bit of gas around the car. The codes indicate a gas vapor issue, and the mechanic double checked all the fuel pump connections at the time. The first time I had him check the vapor issue, the smoke test indicated the gas cap was old and worn. That was replaced, the smell subsided, but the light came back on. I mentioned it to him when I took it in for the fuel pump, but I forgot to ask him about it when he called last.

Does this fuel pump issue and solution seem reasonable?
For my husband’s peace of mind, does the gas vapor issue seem related to the fuel pump?

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