Are interior sleepers a thing?

You’re riding down the freeway and nobody’s breaking their necks to look at you. You make a quick pit stop for some gas station sushi and nobody takes notice.

But you plop your plump ass back down into your seat, continue on your merry way, and it feels like your flying first class.

What are the cars that can be considered “interior sleepers”? Are there enthusiast groups that specifically go out of their way to spruce up trashy rides? Is this a pointless hunt and am I doomed to the life of Lexus LSs?

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Just bought (well.. leased) my first manual car!

It’s a 2018 Honda Accord Sport with the 1.5T (didn’t have the 2.0 in stock and I didn’t want to wait 2-3 months for one, plus the money saved is nice!).

I’m terrible at shifting right now and I’ve stalled it a total of 5 times in the 2 hours I’ve driven it, but coming from a CVT Civic it’s so much fun. I’m still somewhat paranoid about damaging the car from stalling it, the jerky shifts and whatnot, but I have no choice since I’m learning on it!

My biggest struggles right now are uphill starts, smooth first gear starts, reversing uphill into my garage and rev matching. Any advice would be great, and sorry if this post is a tad pointless but I just wanted to share with fellow enthusiasts.

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Help interpreting Ordinal Logistic Regression Odds Ratios?

So I am confusing myself a bit here and I am unsure if it’s me (most likely) or the results are weird.

So my outcome variable is an ordinal variable: How often do you limit activity where you have the possibility of getting hurt? (never, occasionally, often)

My main predictor is How often they are experiencing joint pain (none, few times a month, few times a week, every day). And I have a bunch of covariates that it adjusts for.

For the odds ratio for my pain variable, never is the reference group, so my OR for everyday vs none pain variable is 0.136 with a CI of 0.039,0.473. So to interpret this, those who experience everyday pain are less likely to limit activity at all levels when compared those who do not experience pain. Is this correct? This doesn’t sound right to me clinically.

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Interpreting interactions between two dummy coded variables.

IV1 is a dummy coded dichotomous variable; IV2 is also a dummy coded dichotomous variable.

Suppose I run a regression with IV1, IV2 and IV1 x IV2 interaction as predictors. If I get a significant interaction, is it correct to say that IV1 and IV2 interact in general? Or, is it the case that because the interaction term only applies to a single cell (i.e., IV1 = 1 and IV2 = 1), its interpretation is much less general than saying the two variables interact in general?

Now, suppose IV1 is a three level variable that is also dummy coded; IV2 is still a two level dummy coded variable. If I get the following interaction: IV1 (level 3 vs. 1) x IV2, is the interpretation the same as if I imagine IV1 is dichotomous and only reflects level 3 vs. level 1? That is, the effect of IV1 level 3 vs. level 1 depends on the level of IV2?

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I just realized I have 0 Brand loyalty when purchasing vehicles

So I recently took delivery of my latest vehicle when I came to the realization my wife and I have never bought/leased a vehicle from the same brand twice.

My first car was a 90’s Volvo 960 and my wife’s was a Toyota Corolla.

After college I picked up a brand new 2004 Nissan Altima (still have it) and then during the Saab Subaru GM split my wife bought a saabaru 9-2x.

After working for a few years I decided to get something nice than the Altima and got a Cadillac CTS-V wagon. I also leased a Fiat 500e for commuting at this time.

Meanwhile my buddy moved to Japan and sold me his Lancer Evo X which I used to learn manual on. I sold it shortly after a few months because I didn’t want 4 cars on hand.

And then when the Fiat lease came up the timing worked and I got a Tesla Model 3.

And the next car I get will likely also be another brand (to replace my Altima eventually since I’m eyeing either a Mazda ND Miata, a family e92 BMW M3, or a Chevy C7 Corvette…..

Curious if anyone else has never stayed loyal to a brand like my family. Most car people I’ve talked to seem loyal in 1 form or another to brands.

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Question about cardinal arithmetic without AC


I was considering the following question: suppose that [; alpha ;] is a cardinal number, such that [; alpha^{2} = mathfrak{c} ;]. Does it follow in ZF (without axiom of choice!) that [; alpha = mathfrak{c} ;]?

I perused both my set theory textbook, and tried searching the internet, but with little to show for it. I honestly have no idea how to tackle such problem. Any resources / approaches welcome.

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