Are there any non-constructive theorems that have applications outside Mathematics?

In the sense that there isn’t a constructive version that could be used instead of it. The constructive version may have stronger assumptions, but if the assumptions are always true for the application, then the constructive version could replace it.

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Having *ZERO* mechanical experience and taking on a project car. Is this remotely possible? Has anyone ever done it?

So I live in a place that doesn’t really let you have a garage. Or a non econobox car either tbh. But I plan on eventually residing in the states and my dream is to buy some shitty old Craigslist beater and fix it up.

My mechanical knowledge begins and ends with watching B is for Build and Mighty Car Mods.

Is this possible? Have any of you ever tried this? Or am I dreaming and there’s no way someone only equipped with a toolbox and a laptop could possible fix up a car?

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How to generate big random (prime) numbers?

I am doing my ib math paper and I need a way to generate random prime numbers, ranging from 100 to 1000 digits. I have figured out the prime part: Just generating numbers until I find a prime. To check whether a number is prime or not, I am planning on using the AKS test explained in this video.

I have been researching for some time now but I have not yet found a way to generate such numbers. What I have found is that I need some sort of pseudo-random number generator and a source of true randomness. In addition, all numbers should be equally likely.

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Anyone ever bought an old car they thought would increase in value? How’d it go?

There’s a mk2 Supra in my town I am considering buying. It’s expensive, for an old car – $7k, but is very tidy and is a manual. A similar Supra in excellent condition, in a larger, more popular city is selling for $22k and similar cars, like Starions, are now starting at at least $7k in pretty crappy condition.

I don’t know how it is elsewhere, but here in Australia I think there is a real nostalgia for 80s cars. I feel their prices are only going to increase.

Anyone had experience with ‘investing’ in this sort of car?

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Should Toyota sell this $19k basic version of the Tacoma in the US?

<edit> I didn’t know the the Hilux and Tacoma were quite different. This basic Hilux is a pure work vehicle. </edit>

In the US, the cheapest Tacoma that Toyota sells is a US$26,000 (including destination) Toyota USA

In Australia there is a more basic version available for US$18,700 Aus pricing (enter a postcode of 4000 to get pricing)

Why doesn’t Toyota sell this version in the US? Would you buy it?

I can see a huge market for a more basic Truck like this in the US.

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Can anyone please help me with mean-centering interaction terms?

I was just really confused on interpreting the interaction term because the coefficient of the interaction term is positive so without centering the effect on the DV is always positive since the IV is always positive but after centering the effect on the DV can be negative since the IV can be negative if its is under the mean.

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