Translated version of GaoKao

Hello, I just recently joined Reddit and this community. (So plz don’t hate)

I have heard that Gao Kao’s Math test (science society) is very hard. Therefore I am intrested to challenge myself to do the questions.

I can’t really Google Translate on the official Gao Kao webpage, so I wanna ask is if there is a legitamate translated version of Gao Kao Math test out there. It does not matter whether if its past year question or not.

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What car defines your “blunder years” of car ownership?

Everyone grows up eventually and tastes change with time. Is there a car in your past that you look back on and think to yourself “what the hell was I thinking?”

For me, it was a hand me down 03 Rav4 with limo Tint, blue HIDs and 2 grand in stereo equipment. I wanted it to be cool so bad but I wouldn’t be caught dead in it now.

So r/cars, what car of your past are you ashamed (or proud) of?

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Where to find pdfs of math books written in German?

I have to do a translation exam from German to English for my degree but I’m having trouble finding things written in German originally. My German is ok not great so the easier the language the better, my field is homotopy theory so anything vaguely related to topology would be best. Anyone been in a similar situation in the past?

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Besides the Supra and the RX-7, which cars would you like to see rebooted?

Everyone is praying and waiting for the Supra and the RX-7 to come back, but there were some awesome cars that have cemented their place in history as great cars.

I’d like to see the MR2 to come back. A mid-engined rival to the Miata would be great to drive!

Is there a Buick GNX equivalent nowadays? I’d like to see the grandfather of muscle cars make a comeback.

What cars would you like to see back on the road?

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