Biostatistics about Nevin Manimala PhD Advice

Anyone on here who has applied to Biostatistics about Nevin Manimala grad school, I would love any general advice you can give me! I am going into my senior year (majoring in Mathematical Biology), and I am thinking about getting a PhD in Biostats, but I am not sure my application will be competitive enough to apply right out of undergraduate, but tuition costs for MS is hefty.

Anyone know what aspects of applications are most important? I did SIBS (Summer Institute in Biostats) last summer and loved it, but sometimes I think I should have just stayed at my university to do research that summer and try to get a paper. I am doing an REU this summer though.

If I am worried about my application not being competitive enough for a PhD program, should I apply to MS or just go for PhD anyway? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Why are some people in this sub so angry with the new Supra?

I have seen people here talk about as if it wont be anything like the old one. The mk4 was a sportish rwd coupe. By the looks of it the new one will be exactly that if not more. Why are people angry that toyota will share a chassis with a bimmer? The z series are one of the coolest bmws IMO. Bmw knows how to build sporty cars. So why is it such a problem?

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I found something about prime numbers

If you take each multiple of all prime numbers include under a prime number p. ( p included) Then if you subtract N+*(all natural positive integer) by this number list, each number of this list under p(+1)2, is a prime number.

Example : p=3, so you take all multiple of 2 and 3 under 25 because : p(+1)2=52=25 The list: For 2 : 2, 4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24 For 3 : 3,9,15,21 Then after the substraction : 5,7,11,13,17,19,23

You need to know the prime after p to find the prime number list. So you can make an algorithm who start with p=2 and p(+1)=3, find all the prime until 9 and then you got 5 and 7 to find all the prime between 7 and 49…

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Interesting problems in holomorphic functions

Soon I’m going to write an Extended Essay (a kind of thesis written by IB students) and I want to elaborate on the topic of holomorphic functions, though I still haven’t decided on the exact topic I will investigate. Could you suggest some problems worth exploring and maybe some literature concerning holomorphic functions?

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How on earth do I graph the derivative?

Hey guys, I have a final exam tomorrow, which I’m pretty confident about, except for graphing derivatives for some reason. Although it seems like a simple concept, I can’t seem to figure it out, despite watching endless youtube tutorials. I always mix up whether it’s decreasing or not. Can someone explain it in a simple way, because I really need to know how to do this. Thanks!

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