What car you owned have you had the least luck with?

Today is the third week I own my Mazda 6.

In the first week I noticed it uses ridiculous amounts of oil and yesterday the car felt slow as I merged onto the highway, the engine light started blinking and I pulled aside. Car running on 3 cylinders.

Made it home, no compression on cylinder 2 and sounds terrible. Probably valve related and will have to get the head rebuilt, which might total the car.


What is the worst luck you’ve ever had with any car you owned?

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How would I create a zig zag line that is verticle within a equation?

I am just making video game and would like to be pointed certain direction towards a verticle zigzag line so I can automate the path an enemy takes. I am on spring break and can’t really ask my math teacher this, so I guess this the only place to ask. I look online and it was giving me a horizonal zigzag line instead (which is a good idea to take note for another enemy path, but not what I want).

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Please help! No prior knowledge of R, but need to do a GLM on data with 3 independent variables and 8 dependent ones

I hope this is allowed. I have to analyse some data and all I have been told is to do a GLM in R. I have installed R and R studio and looked at online guides and youtube videos but I’m at a loss, I can’t understand anything. The only stats I’ve done before have been on GraphPad Prism and this was very basic. Any advice, or if you know a good source that I can use to learn GLM and maybe practice it, would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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What is it like to drive a modern day muscle car ?

The fastest/most powerful vehicle i have driven was a skoda (150 ish hp) and i wonder what it would be like to drive a modern day muscle(mustang,challenger,camero) even with a base v6 and manual or auto(paddle shift) Trans. Given the acceleration driving on streets,city roads must be a delicate thing.

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Assuming we had the money, how feasible would auto adjusting speed limits (based on traffic flow) be.

So my thought is that we have the technology to have measuring point on the roads which measure traffic flow rate. During times of low traffic 3am on a Sunday night the speed limit gets raised as you are less likely to hit someone. During times of high traffic, 1:00 on a Wednesday speed limit gets lowered.

Background: Got a ticket this morning for speeding. I was driving on a 4 line divided highway fairly straight (US) at 8 in the morning on a Saturday. Very low traffic. Turns out the speed limit was 35 on a 4 Lane divided highway. Now if it was noon on a weekday the 35 limit makes agreeable scenes for the area, but at the time there was little to no traffic flow and I was not endangering anyone going 52 (which I though was 7 over the speed limit). The cop was very nice and cut the ticket for me. As objective as I can get if the officer didn’t know the speed limit there would not have been concer enough to pull me over as a threat to the roadways.

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[Ask] How do you decompose a polynomial with Ruffini is some of the coefficient aren’t integers?

Hi. I’ve tried searching for almost an hour on the topic before coming here.

Say you have a polynomial in form an xn +… + a0.
Every website explaining how to decompose a polynomial with Ruffini tells you that you need to find a Zero of the polynomial by using the rational root (so, you need to find the divisors of a0, divide them by the divisors of an, and try with each result until you find a root).

The problem is that, according to Wikipedia, the rational root theorem works only when each coefficient in the polynomial is an integer.

So, how do you decompose a polynomial with Ruffini if one or more coefficient in the polynomial aren’t integers? (for example if some coefficient are rationals or real numbers)

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I’ve just formulated a crazy pipe dream, which also proves a good theoretical: can you fit a 13B rotary into the front of a DMC-12?

I’m by no means an expert on any of the involved pieces: Rotaries, DeLoreans, or Engine Swaps. Hence why I’m here. However, I am an expert on liquid fueled rockets, which is why the fresh rotary can’t go in the back of the car.

Ideally, the motor in the front would have been an LS, but I don’t need to be an expert on anything to realize there probably isn’t enough space for one of those in the front. If it turns out there is, that’d be wonderful!

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