Guy I know claims to have a 3000+ HP 2002 Mustang with an LS6 swap.

I have done some research trying to find information on what it would take to actually build a 3000 hp engine. Very few recent or helpful articles come up and none talk about price.

The guy is 19 years old and still riding the “My car is faster no matter what you say” train. After arguing with him a few times on how ridiculous his car sounds, I decided to seek out some knowledge.

He claims that he built the car with $50,000 (where a 19 year old kid with parental issues and an inability to hold a job gets that kind of money is beyond me.) Also the only parts he ever talks about are the supposedly two turbos that are giving him almost all of his 3000+ horsepower. He never mentions upgrading the internals, maybe the exhaust or intake. Only talks about the turbos.

I’m curious if any of you would care to weigh in and maybe provide some clarity to me if this is even possible to accomplish. And if $50,000 would be enough. Thank you for your time.

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Interaction between two predictors

Sorry if my question is pretty basilar, I am trying to learn about interaction between the predictors, but still I don’t understand for what an interaction is used. For example, when making a multiple regression when the DEPENDENT variable is gasoline required by a car to make 100km in 1 hour, and the predictors are the atmospherical weather (bad condition marked as ”B” and good atmospherical weahter marked as ”G”) , the state of the road ( variable ranging from 1 ”optimal condition” to 0 ”bad condition” ) and the speed of the driver who is driving the car (in KM/h) If I would make a linear regression I would put it like this: Y ~ atmospherical weather + the state of the road + speed of the driver who is driving the car ​ Now I don’t know the usefulness of making a regression making an interaction between two of the predictors. ​ Basically I want to know the usefulness of interaction when I am making regressions. ​ If I would have written (I am doing it with R software) : ​ Y ~ atmospherical weather : the state of the road + speed of the driver who is driving the car or Y ~ atmospherical weather * the state of the road + speed of the driver who is driving the car ​ What would have been changed from: Y ~ atmospherical weather + the state of the road + speed of the driver who is driving the car ​ Which is the difference? What would have the first two lines of code explained to me that the last one would’nt have explained to me? What more? ​ Thank you, I hope I have made it clear for you to understand, also just feel free to correct me if I am doing somenthing wrongin this regression analysis (maybe I am missing somenthing, or I have mispelled somenthing, or I have missed somenthing to put in the model above) ​ Please forgive me, I am still at the beginning ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ submitted by Nevin Manimala /u/luchins [link] [comments]

Continuous binomial distrubution

Suppose a guy might call me in a given hour. The probability density function of him calling me is constant over the hour. Say the probability density function is p(x)=c, where x is the fraction of the hour passed. The probability of him calling me between, say, 00:00 and 00:15, is the density function multiplied by the length of the interval, in this case, (0.25-0)c=0.25c, since 15 minutes is 0.25 hours.

I call this continuous Binomial Distribution because each moment (or small interval) of length dh is a Bernoulli Trial with the probability of success c•dh. In this situation, how do we calculate the probabilities that we calculate in case of discrete Binomial Trials, like:

  1. Probability of the guy calling me at least once during the hour

2.Probability of the guy calling me exactly thrice during the hour


This is not a homework question. I thought of this problem myself.

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I make fancy center caps for American Racing wheels

Torq Thrust II wheels to be specific since those are the only kind I can find blank caps for.

My dad has a 63 Falcon Futura with Torq Thrust II wheels on it. He got a set of blank center caps because he didn’t like the American Racing logo. I thought they looked boring and we decided to mill a Falcon logo on them. People immediately started asking for different styles for their car and I’ve been milling out custom designs for anyone who wants them. I thought people here might find them interesting. I customized my dad’s window crank handles with the falcon logo as well but I don’t have a photo handy. Jeep likes to put their logo in subtle places all over their vehicles and I like trying to do that with my dad’s falcon without anything being too obvious.

Mods: I don’t want to break any self-promotion rules, so let me know if anything should be changed.

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