Small stepper/electric motors as a replacement for cam shaft?

This may seem stupid and if so please tell me but I’ve just been thinking about it a bit. Why not use a small stepper/electric motor as a camshaft?

Think about it. Say you have a V8, get 8 small motors for each cylinder. Now you don’t have to worry about variable valve timing, you have utmost control over the rpm of the engine. Basically you stick a cam lobe to the end of an electric motor and now you can rotate that lobe at whatever speed you desire. Need a valve to stay open longer? just have the motor temporarily pause at the valve to hold it open longer. It seems like it would reduce the weight and space of an engine and if the motors are a point of failure just make them easily swappable. Please explain the flaw in my thinking

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Towed my buddy’s pristine ’66 Mustang yesterday… anyone familiar with the engine?

My good buddy inherited an exceptionally clean, all original, 1 owner ’66 6 cylinder 3 speed Mustang that has been parked in a climate controlled garage since the early 90s. Unfortunately the engine appears to be seized up 🙁 Can NOT get the engine to move even with 400 pounds of shop gorillas and a 4′ cheater bar.

Anyone familiar enough with old Ford engines to know what he might be in for? He’s more or less resigned to an engine rebuild, but with any luck he can keep the original rods. It surprises me that the exterior/interior show no signs of long-term storage (hell, the tires still hold air!), but the engine is seized.

Anyone seen this type of situation before?

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2019 Hyundai Nexo Review, Release, Features, Platform, Price and Photos. Hyundai has actually also equipped three Nexo models with Level 4 autonomous drive technology, which requires no driver intervention.

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