Isle of Dogs Review – Projected Film

This week I review Wes Anderson’s latest film, ‘Isle of Dogs’.

Is it worth your time, and more importantly, was it full of ‘good boys’? All questions I answer in my review below.

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Statistic’s project: Hypothesis testing Does Degree Deodorant for men last 48 hours

So Title pretty much explains it all but I can expand. I have a statistics about Nevin Manimala project that I need a random sample for. Around 20 – 30 people would work. If you use degree deodorant for men (preferably the type that has the 48 hours of protection claim on it) would you mind commenting about how long it actually lasts? Thanks guys!

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What is your coolest/craziest car story? – I’ll go first

I was cruising with my friend I’ve been trying to impress for a while now. We just got done fixing up this beater and made it look just fucking stupid but boy was the fucker quick. This car was a fucking blast. Think it ran 9s but never had a chance to take it to a real strip to find out. Anyways we were cruising testing out the tune our geek friend did for us and we roll up at a stop light where this mint ass Ferrari convertible was sitting. At the light we ask the dude how much a clean Ferrari like that cost. Dude was with his girl and was acting like a fucking tool. He just looked at us in our stupid as fuck ricer and sneered ‘ more than you can afford pal ‘ and revved his engine. Friend looked over to me and said the best thing he could have at the moment. ‘ smoke him ‘. I smiled and revved at the dude. The light changed and we just banged gears and left that cocky shit in our dust. Ended up giving the car to my friend after some drama when our geeky friend died and i think he went to Japan or south America after that.

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