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Can I model this as an interaction or will there be collinearity?

I am looking at how pay raises affect employee tenure. I have 3 variables I would like to consider:

*ReceivedRaise (“YES”/”NO”) *Raise_Amount (numeric) *Raise% (numeric)

So far, ReceivedRaise is most important, but I can’t imagine that the amount of the raise is unimportant. But, a linear model with just Received_Raise (by itself) performs 50% better than a linear model with just Raise_Amount or Raise% (by themselves respectively).

So, my question is whether I can include the interaction of ReceivedRaise*Raise%?

My hesitations are:

*If Received_Raise is “NO”, the Raise_Amount/% will also be 0 *If Raise_Amount = 0 where Received_Raise = “NO”, then why doesn’t Raise_Amount implicitly hold more information and perform better than Received_Raise?

The final thing I should mention is that ReceivedRaise performs much better when predicting actual tenure in months using linear regression. However, Raise% is not much worse than Received_Raise when simply predicting whether an employee stays at least 5 months using logistic regression.

My conclusion is that:

*I should only use Raise_% as it normalizes the amount by the employee’s wage and implicitly holds all the information of Received_Raise *There is some other covariate/moderator/mediator that impacts tenures above 6 months


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Friend got a ‘new’ car last week: 1986 Toyota AE86. She needs some work, but we’re both excited to do it.

We’ve done a little work on her so far, but between the weather and exam season there hasn’t been a whole lot of time. Still, it’s fun and interesting and seeing the car gradually improve is awesome.


The battery was so corroded that even after using battery cleaner and removing the bolts holding the leads to the terminals, trying to remove the leads straight up ripped the terminals out of the battery, so we had to replace those too.

The previous owner, or someone before him, wired an amp through the car, but just let the wiring run directly over the engine causing it to melt, so we took that out.

There’s some rust but it’s not too bad. The sunroof is at an angle for some reason, and was stuck with a gap of a little less than an inch at first, but we managed to get it almost completely shut. We’re gonna remove the fuse for it so nobody accidentally opens it, and then probably seal it up somehow.

The trunk is a different colour and has no struts to hold it open, the head gasket is on its way out, the passenger door pushes the fender dent in further whenever someone opens it, and it’s currently sporting an uneven rattle can paint job.

All in all, she’s fucking awesome.

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Projected Film: Top 10 Favourite Film Easter Eggs

To celebrate the fact it’s Easter Monday, here’s an article on my Top 10 Favourite Film Easter Eggs!

Including Easter Eggs from Disney films, Harry Potter, Get Out, Fight Club, Indiana Jones and many more, this is a fun read.

What are your favourite Easter Eggs in films? Did you know all of these ones?


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