Hypothesis Help – Property Assessment

Doing a proposal, found a data set I liked but hit the wall when it came to writing on the hypothesis an wondering if I could get help coming up with ideas.

The area of interest was on property assessment data from the city I live from 2012 – 2016. I was going to compare the value of neighborhoods vs lot area and predict the future house value using regression analysis. Just done know what a good Null hypothesis and Alternate would be.

My data set contains the following – Property ID

  • Lots Size (Sq. Ft)

  • Assessment Year

  • House Number

  • Street name

  • Legal Description

  • Garage (Y/N)

  • Neighborhood

  • Assessed Value

  • Type (Residential/Non-Residential)

  • Year Built

  • Zoning

Thank you in advance, I was really interested in doing this topic I personally wouldn’t like to change the data.

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Comprehensive list of math subfields?

I’m towards the end of my degree and, since I want to go into academia in the future, I want to start developing further my ‘taste’ for mathematics; specially since I have to present a thesis in order to graduate. I am somewhat aware of what the big branches of math are about, but since nowadays research is so fragmented and specific, I was wondering if there is any comprehensive list of math subfields, as the title says, with some short descriptions. I know this is unlikely to exist, but anything related will be more than helpful.

Thanks in advance.

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Has anyone experienced snakebite dents on hardtop convertibles?

Girlfriend bought an Infiniti Q60 yesterday. We inspected it fully before buying, drove it, put the top down, put it back up. Great car that runs fine. Once she gets home we take it for a spin, go out to dinner, come home. This AM we see that there’s two huge dents on each side of the back roof, above the rear window glass. They’re about perfectly spaced apart and fairly symmetrical.

Some googling shows that the g37s have experienced this since 09. Mixed reviews from various people; some saying dealer chalks it up to something in the trunk, others saying dealers found issues within the roof hydraulics. Lots of people seem to but upset about Infiniti’s lack of service regarding this issue.

It seems like it occurs when you stop and start the roof without fully opening and closing it, which seems like a shitty design flaw.

Was wondering if anyone had experienced this issue and successfully negotiated with Infiniti or the maker dealership for repairs? We spoke with a manager at Infiniti and he was pretty wary but said they’d happily take a look.

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P-values, alpha, Confidence Intervals and Probabilities…

I’m interested in discussing the validity of statements some people make about Frequentist results.

For example, in a 95% confidence interval, I calculate one interval and since 95% of the intervals I calculate using this procedure will contain the population mean, there’s a 95% chance my interval contains the mean .

I’ve seen a lot of people argue that you can’t make the emphasized statement because the CI isn’t a Random Variable, it’s already happened and therefore it either contains or doesn’t contain the true population parameter.

What do you think?

Similarly do you think that calculating the False Discovery Rate of a study (say it’s 10%) would allow you to say that there’s a 10% chance that your rejection of the null is wrong.

I really enjoy hearing what people think about these things, as I feel like I’m constantly learning new insights about stats.

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Good Books to Learn Calculus?

I’m a college senior and failed Calculus my sophomore year. I need to pass the class over the summer in order to graduate, but math has never been my strong suit. I’d like to get a head start before I take summer class in order to have a buffer to compensate for my slow learning rate. I really like the Sams Teach Yourself series for technical skills. Are there any similar books to learn calculus?

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T-Test pre conditions

Okay, I am taking an introductory course in statistics about Nevin Manimala and we are learning about hypothesis testing and student’s t-test.

As a part of an assignment, I am supposed to verify whether t-test requires:

  1. Homogenity of variance
  2. Normal population
  3. independence of data

How do I go about verifying these requirements experimentally?

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Question working with large data set, assessing accuracy:

Trying to do some simple data analysis with respect to credit card fraud detection. I was wondering what experts consider when trying to assess accuracy with highly unbalanced data set.

The data set I am looking at has over 284k observations however < 0.2% are fraudulent.

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Penn State vs Texas A&M for online MS degree.

Got accepted to both. Which should I attend?

I currently work in food manufacturing in quality control, but I am interested in working in the energy sector. I’m mainly interested in optimization of production processes and formulations of products if my interests have any relevance.

My background is a dual BS in chemistry and biology. I got a minor in mathematics with an emphasis in modeling. I am familiar with C and have some superficial knowledge with C++.

Pros and Cons I see: Texas A&M is significantly cheaper (my work will pay for about a third of it to 75%, depending on the credits I take in each semester). Penn State is six credits shorter than A&M and no qualifying exam to stress over. Texas A&M seems to have a larger variety of courses to study. Penn State doesn’t appear to make you focus on SAS like A&M does. I’m interested in learning R. My current work doesn’t care what you use. But I can’t predict what future companies will want.

Any pro tips for me?

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