Most frequent down and distance scenario for 3rd downs? College or NFL

Excuse my formatting because I’m on mobile and I don’t know how to format anyways.

I’m searched the internet without success and have turned to reddit. I am trying to find out the most common 3rd down, down and distance, in football (College or NFL it doesn’t matter). I’m not looking for conversion rates but rather the most common scenario for a team on 3rd down – e.g. 3rd and 1, 3rd and 6, etc.

My gut says it’s 3rd and 6 but I truly cannot find any data to back that up. Any experts out there?

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What looks better on a Resume?

Hey guys, I’m currently a stats major at a university and I want to land a job as a data analyst or something along the line of a data analyst. I have been told they pretty much only use Python, R, and SQL. I’m deciding whether or not to minor in CS. The question I have is, what looks better when looking at a resume, someone with a stats major with a cs minor, or a stats major WITHOUT a cs minor but is self taught and knows a lot in Python and R (or any language that is most useful as a data analyst) ? Thanks!

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How do I calculate Weighted median?

I am not sure that weighted median is the correct term, but I have to calculate the median ‘People per house hold’ here:

People Per Household # of Households

1 43,509,000

2 25,252,000

3 36,201,000

4 19,509,000

5 7,319,000

6 1,624,000

7 654,000

8 121,000

9 32,000

10 15,000

How will I calculate this?

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Looking for a valuable stochastic methods book

Hi, I’m currently attending a course about Stocasthic Methods in my university. The course is interesting, but what I’m experiencing is the lack of real examples and exercises since everything is proposed only in its theoretical form. The program of the course is the following one:

  1. Probability reviews.

    • discrete and continuous distributions. -random variables, expectation and conditional expectation. -approximation of probability distributions.
  2. Markov chains and random walks. -Markov Chain and their stationary distribution. -Monte Carlo (MCMC), convergence of MCMC-based algorithms. -Electrical networks.

  3. Random graphs. -Erdos-Renyi graphs: connectivity, giant component.
    -Random regular graphs. -Dynamic graphs.

That being said, can I ask you for a book or a bunch of books that cover these topic with a particular mention on the exercises and the examples? Thank you!

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Cars in USA.

I wonder how many people know and appreciate the cars we have and had in this country.

The rest of the world people are forced to drive 4 cyl economy cars. Shit boxes. Diesels. And I grew up in ussr. I know first hand.

Amount of limitations and taxation on bigger cars and bigger engines are insane.

We really do take things for granted here. I’ve had nothing but v8 cars for the last 20 years. I love it.

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