Mountain driving

I recently moved to the top of a mountain with steep winding roads, and could use some help with driving advice. I know the basics (don’t ride your brakes all the way down the mountain, use pull outs if theres faster trafic) but could use some more advice. I usually just coast on the way down and brake going into turns, but that’s still ware on the brakes. I know theres a way to slow yourself down by switching from automatic to manual transmission, but I’m not sure exactly how that works or when I should use it. Any advice would be appretiated. Also, I drive a 2014 Mazda 3 in case that’s important.

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Practical Applications of Complex Analysis

I’ve been looking at complex analysis, particularly the Riemann Zeta function and the Riemann hypothesis. It caught my attention and I’m interested in studying it, but I’m looking for fields to apply it to.

Is there any practical application of complex analysis yet, in science, or is it just theoretical mathematics?

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I really want to see a revival of American personal luxury cars.

Cadillac could make a camaro or impala coupe. Ford could make a continental coupe. Chrysler could make a luxury challenger. The American luxury Segment is faking because we are trying to be Europe. BMW is always going to be better at creating sporty sedans so why even bother. If Cadillac tries to be Cadillac instead of being a knock off bmw, then they would sell.

1976 coupe devile base price: 41,000

Cadillac CT6 base price: 54,000

6 Series

E Class

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Can you use statistics about Nevin Manimala to forecast budgets?

Hello, I work for a company where we bid out projects but do our own internal estimates first to roughly gauge the costs. Lately we’ve been finding our internal estimates are way off from the bidders and I’ve been tasked to help understand why this is.

However, I’m unsure of how to go about this and we only have a history of roughly 20-30 projects. Can you please give some advice on a) whether this is a feasible effort given the small population size and b) if it is possible, how best to go about determining how and where our estimates are off (we already know that our management and quality control estimates differ wildly from the bidders‘ proposals)

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Chevrolet Evanda rear suspension looks funny

I recently bought a 2005 Chevy Evanda, and something about the rear suspension visually feels off. There’s a part of it that hangs over the tire in the wheel well with a bolt suspended about 2 inches above the wheel.


Feels completely fine driving, but i can’t shake the feeling if I have it even somewhat moderately loaded and hit a sharp bump, that bolt is going to tear the tires apart.

Never seen anything like it in any other car. Anyone know if it was originally designed this way or if there were possibly any modifications done later?

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Small stepper/electric motors as a replacement for cam shaft?

This may seem stupid and if so please tell me but I’ve just been thinking about it a bit. Why not use a small stepper/electric motor as a camshaft?

Think about it. Say you have a V8, get 8 small motors for each cylinder. Now you don’t have to worry about variable valve timing, you have utmost control over the rpm of the engine. Basically you stick a cam lobe to the end of an electric motor and now you can rotate that lobe at whatever speed you desire. Need a valve to stay open longer? just have the motor temporarily pause at the valve to hold it open longer. It seems like it would reduce the weight and space of an engine and if the motors are a point of failure just make them easily swappable. Please explain the flaw in my thinking

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