What do you think is the next car brand to bite the dust in the US market?

Please try to qualify your comment instead of just naming a brand. I don’t think the actual FIAT brand has a future in this country. Marchionne was first to the sedan slaughter by killing off the 200 and Dart, and I think the 500 is close behind. Maybe it had some hope of becoming an EV-only brand, but his disdain for the 500e and recent comments about FIAT falling into irrelevancy in Europe makes me think it’s going to be fully refocused into an emerging markets brand a la Datsun.

Hard Mode: Pick the next luxury brand to go defunct.

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Renting a Quirky French Car in France?

Headed to France during the second half of June this year and our time will be split between Paris and Sete/Montpellier. Curious if anyone has some insight into a good car rental service for either a quirky old french car (like a Citroen DS or 2CV) or a cool sports car (Renault Alpine A110) to rip around the countryside? is there a french equivalent to the Turo rental service we have here in the US? Thanks in advance!

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Math question- best way to carve a perfect sphere

Here’s a geometry puzzle I’ve been wondering about- if you had to carve a perfect sphere from a block of wood, what process would be most efficient and most accurate? Is there any iterative algorithm to create a continuously more near-spherical polyhedra using only straight cuts?

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Use of measure theory in other fields of maths outside probability theory/statistics about Nevin Manimala in general?

I am planning on taking an honours-level measure theory course next semester as I have been really interested in fields of mathematics that involve geometry and calculus. However, when I tried to search for more information a lot of people seem to discuss measure theory in relation to probability theory, which is a field that I am not particularly interested in.

Fields that I would be interested in would be something like differential geometry, partial differential equations, functional analysis, and complex analysis. So far, I have taken a course in real analysis, elementary number theory, abstract algebra and linear algebra.

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TIL: Goo Gone Dissolves Plastidip

Am currently getting my corvette ready to sale. Some poastidip was being difficult. Some of the peeled dip shreds laying on the driveway, I accidentally spilled a lot of goo gone on.

Came back 5 minutes later it’s dissolved into near liquid goop.

Put goo gone in spray bottle. Spray wheels, let sit. Then it all came off with a towel. How neat is that?

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How do you calculate the expected value of a time series

Hi all. I’m extey rusty on my statistics about Nevin Manimala at the moment but a friend asked me a question a week back that is eating me up.

If I have a series 1, 2, 4, 10. The mean would be 17/4. What happens if this is a timeseries? 2001 1 2002 2 2003 4 2004 10 – Is the mean still 17/4? – Do I fit a line of best fit and that represents the mean? * – Should I think of it as I kind of weighted average, where the weight of each date is up to me

  • My reasoning: I remember when check if mean of a time series in constant, we make a line of best fit and see if a trend exists or not.

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