Netflix’s “Fastest Car” released today (and it’s not bad.)

The show is about sleepers racing supercars. The trailer made it seem like the supercar owners were going to be portrayed as rich idiots, but this is not the case (thankfully). Give it a shot, it’s an interesting watch.

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Have you regretted selling a car? Which car any why?

I’m currently selling my 1999 BMW E39 Touring. I love the car, it’s got great power delivery, it handles well, it looks great, it’s useful, it’s comfortable, and there’s something special about driving an old 5 series.

The reason I’m selling it is because like any neglected older car, it’s got plenty of issues. I bought it as a winter beater but I started to get tired of working on it on cold wet asphalt, it’s actually too long to fit into my garage so I can’t work on it inside in the winter.

Last night I had someone who was interested come and take a look at it. I’ve found though, that every single person that’s come to look at it (so far I’ve had 4 people test drive it), they all have owned an E39 in the past, regretted selling it, and wanted to get back into one. I’m starting to wonder if I’m making a horrible mistake and I’ll be searching for another one in a few months.

Have you been in that situation?

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What are some cars that aren’t photogenic at all? The least photogenic for me has to be the Bentley Bentayga.

When the Bentayga was first unveiled, its design made me feel a bit uncomfortable.

Something about the fat haunches, and a grill we’re only used to seeing on sedans gave it a Hunchback of Notre-Dame look, it made for really bizarre proportions in pictures.

It was only until I saw it in person in traffic that I was sold by the design. It is completely different in real life and the proportions start to make sense.

The thing downright exudes stateliness, and screams ‘get out of my way’ like no other vehicle can, all the whilst retaining a hair of class missing from some other vehicles, that’s of course not to say that there isn’t a single element of gaudiness in its presentation….

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Anybody used Q&Me?

I am a university student doing a market analysis of Vietnam’s cosmetics industry and I found a company, Q&Me that has lots of stats about Vietnam. the cosmetics statistics about Nevin Manimala are only with a sample size of 500 people. So I am wondering if this is large enough or if anybody has used this companies research before. I do not want to use it if it is a poor sample. I apologize if there was things wrong with my post, I have been working on this for many hours now and It is getting late in my neck of the woods. Thanks in advance.

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[META] On moderation policy

Hey /r/math!

With the growth we’ve seen over the past few years (over 400,000 subscribers!) we’ve encountered a lot more submissions, especially from people who don’t usually frequent the subreddit and aren’t familiar with the sort of content we aim for here; this leads to more homework problems, simple questions, and other submissions that might be better answered by a Google search or posting in a different megathread or subreddit. Enforcing the rules in the sidebar is always a little subjective, though, so the exact extent to which some of these posts get redirected and others stay up can vary. We’ve been discussing making a few changes to the sidebar and its enforcement to improve the overall quality of posts on /r/math. Namely:

  • The sidebar would update to add some clarity and scope to the Simple Questions thread:

    If you’re looking for help learning/understanding something mathematical, post in the Simple Questions thread or /r/learnmath. Making a separate post for a more involved question is acceptable when your goal is to foster a discussion you think others would enjoy; if you’re simply looking for an answer, the Simple Questions thread is more appropriate. Reference requests generally fall in this latter category – check our lists of recommended books and free online resources first. Here is a more recent thread with book recommendations.

  • We’d enforce the Career & Education thread rule more strongly, and direct many resource-requesting posts that currently stay on the main sub into that thread each week in favor of posts that appeal to a wider mathematical audience.

  • If this was well-recieved, we might try to expand the current FAQ significantly to be a comprehensive guide to a number of common questions and topics.

If you have thoughts on these changes – good? bad? Should be replaced with X, Y, and Z instead? – please let us know!

As a consequence of sending more posts to these threads, helping out providing answers and feedback in them would be wonderful! And as always, please report anything you notice that doesn’t belong on /r/math, so we can deal with it more quickly.

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