is there any type of way of calculating how many people within a demographic will die based on how much time passes and where/what the demographics are?

I mean… of course there is. there’s a calculation for almost everything. What is this type even called and how do I either do it or learn how to do it?

I haven’t studied statistics about Nevin Manimala.

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What should I review for college calculus?

A little backstory here, in high school I was the typical football player. I was a year ahead of everyone in my grade math wise but never really studied or tried for that matter. Ended up making C’s. When I got to college though things changed, spent 1 year as a bio major and realized I really do love chemistry and math. And have been doing really good so far. Now I’m a chem major (thankfully) and was wondering what topics you guys would recommend I review before I get into my first semester of college calculus. In high school I took algebra 1, geometry, algebra 2, and precal. In that order

Thanks, any help is much appreciated for this sprouting nerd

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Octonial like structures over arbitrary fields

A question occurred to me that I wonder if someone on this sub might be able to answer. Over R there are three extensions to larger algebras: C the complex numbers (a field extension), H the quaternions (the only nontrivial central simple algebra), and O the octonions (a central simple nonassociative algebra). Over other fields the central simple algebras are indexed by the second Galois cohomology of that field. Is there a similar gadget that over R gives the octonions (indexing central simple nonassociative algebras, or perhaps other objects if that is more appropriate).

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Mental math—how would you solve 17*24

Ok weird question and not sure if I’m asking in the right place.

Today, I was reading Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking Fast and Slow and in the first chapter he writes about mentally solving the problem 17*24. I tried solving it right when I saw it and came up with the correct answer of 408, but it took me, I don’t know, 10-20 seconds to solve it and I wasn’t sure if I had the correct answer. The mental process I went through was, more or less:

-What’s the easiest way to solve?



-25* 20=25* 2* 10=500



How would you guys go about solving this? Just wondering what kind of mental process goes through your head.

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An Invitation to Noncommutative Algebra: “a brief introduction to the world of Noncommutative Algebra aimed for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students” [abstract + link to PDF]

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If imaginary numbers are “2nd dimension” numbers what would third dimension numbers?

I saw a post that said imaginary numbers were similar to rotations where if our real numbers were an x axis then the imaginary numbers are like a y axis that allows going from positive to negative. What would be “3rd dimension numbers” and what would be there use? Would they be like super numbers(a•b=-a•b)?

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Discussion: Who makes the best “Champagne,” or beige paint?

Have a project of mine stripped down to nothing. Starting body work tomorrow on it. I’ve decided the perfect color for it is “Champagne,” light gold, beige, whatever you prefer to call it.

I’m looking for the perfect shade, so I’ve come here for some inspiration. I’ve found that Hyundai tends to have to dark of a beige, and early 2000’s GM looks a bit too light.

Basically, I need to find the perfect shade so I can run to the local paint shop and have them mix up a gallon.

I know that most think this color is bland and boring, but I can assure you that for this project, it is the perfect color.

Project in question.

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Guys who daily sports cars/muscle cars, what are some of the downsides?

My Mustang is equipped with the heavy duty suspension package, making the ride quality pretty damn rough. Not to mention the small 60L fuel tank and the poor fuel economy. A lot of 5.0L owners claim 15 mpg with abuse, I call BS on that. I get about 12 mpg daily with minimum abuse.

But honestly its all worth it when I get that stretch of open road and I can gun it.

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