Calculating latent variables from a model that has correlations

So i did a questionaire to my experiment in my thesis. That questionaire is based on this model:

So since i have now collected my data, i want to get the latent variables. But how do i calculate them? i can do a factor analysis myself but can’t find proper python tools for that, anybody got suggestions? Also is building the model not some kind of overkill, since i got the relations and weights from the paper already? But how do i calculate the variables since they all are correlated?

TLDR: How do i calculate variables that correlate and does somebody know any python tools to do Structural equation modeling?

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What happens when you take the maximum of a number of uniformly distributed numbers?

Assume there is a uniform distribution that gives numbers between a and b,

What happens when I have n numbers from the uniform distribution and take their maximum value? What distribution will the result of this be?

Intuitively the average number for the distribution will increase, sense it will always pick the maximum number. But does the distribution change as well? Will it approach a normal distribution or stay as a uniform distribution, or does it become some other distribution?

Is it possible to calculate what distribution the maximum number of n uniformly distributed numbers will have, assuming the uniformly distribution gives numbers between a and b?

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A friend and I took our British roadsters out for a spin – I don’t think much has changed in the last 40 years…

My friend picked up his 1970s Austin-Healy Sprite at the beginning of the summer, so we decided to do a mini ‘road trip’ on our search for a decent pub lunch…

The title is slightly tongue in cheek, but genuinely it is funny how little has changed in 40 years (and how much has!!)

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Paint bubble after body shop has resprayed. They’re saying it’s fibreglass causing it, is that right?

So i smoothed out my bumper about 3 to 4 weeks ago. In short I got rid of the ford badge, the number plate recess and smoothed in a body kit. I did all the fibreglass work myself. Ive never had an issue doing fibreglass work and I’ve never had bad work as a result of me doing it. I noticed these 2 spots had appeared. At first I figured it was filler and I’d missed sanding it, but then it cracked so I pressed it and it’s almost as though there’s a bubble under the paint.

Now I dropped the bumper off at a body shop to be sprayed. He seems like a genuine guy and I’ve got nothing against him, even now. Now this issue was on the exact same day as I picked it up from spraying, he did put it in the oven aswell. I did not notice the issues on the day of collection until I recorded a video for my YouTube channel.

Is this correct? Is it actually because the fibreglass isn’t mixed correctly and causing this, or is it actually because of poor prep work, e.g. moisture under the paint or dust etc?


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Downsides of dailying a classic?

Hello r/cars. I finally have a reason to get a car but I really want to buy my one of my dream cars, either a 1963 Cadillac Fleetwood Sixty Special or a 1966 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham. Sorry if I’m skirting the rules, but I’m not looking for buying advice between these cars but rather asking how reliable and practical it is to daily a classic land yacht such as these over say, a 100k+ mile used Hyundai. My family thinks I’m crazy and argue that I’m not going to be able to park it anywhere or have it serviced. I’ve talked to a retired mechanic who said that while newer computer controlled cars are technically harder to fix, some modern-day mechanics actually have a harder time with old carbureted cars that have hydraulic and vacuum based systems, and subsequently labour costs may be higher (I find that hard to believe but okay). He did say getting parts is not too much of an issue as many GM cars shared parts and there is a burgeoning aftermarket scene. About the examples of the cars I’m looking at, obviously they will be driver examples with mostly cosmetic faults but they are all well maintained and I will definitely have a auto-appraisal/inspection service check them out. I don’t care about finding parking spaces, gas mileage, safety features, or even having to sink in a couple thousand for general maintenance – I just don’t want the car to become a case of ‘never meet your heroes’.

tl;dr: am I crazy thinking of getting a land yacht as a daily driver? Is there anything I’m seriously overlooking and being blinded by pure passion?

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