Recently went on a road trip

Hi everyone, I recently went on a road trip with some amazing cars. Two SLR Mclarens, a Porsche Carrera GT, 1994 Dodge Viper, Ferrari 550 Maranello, and a Bmw Z8. I was wondering if anyone had any questions about the cars, Personally I don’t know much about the mechanics. I have almost crashed the SLR once, lol long story. I would love to share my experiences if anyone is interested. Also ive had some experience with a 300sl a 63 Aston Martin db5 and an old Buick roadster, here is a link to the road trip. We were travelling in Norway and did a road trip that passed by Trollstigen if anyone is aware

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Why do division algebras beyond the sedenions (trigintadinions?) have the same properties as the sedenions?

Wikipedia’s page on the sedenions says that

It is possible to apply the Cayley-Dickson construction to the sedenions infinitely on, but the algebras created have the same properties as sedenions and are of little interest.

Why is this? At each step prior, we use a property:


Complex – lose ordering

Quaternions – lose commutativity

Octonions – lose associativity

Sedenions – lose alternativity

Trigintadinions* – lose ?

What’s special about the 16-dimensional division algebra? I’ve taken a semester of abstract algebra, but we focused much more on groups than other algebraic structures, so I can’t figure this one out.

I’ve wondered about this since I learned of the octonions and sedenions a couple of years ago, but the recent threads about these algebra spurred me to actually post about it.

* I made up this name from the Latin for 32, triginta duo, but it should totally be a thing with how cool they would sound

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Two Factor ANOVA Results

Can someone help me understand what information the Two-factor ANOVA gives? I have tested my dependent variable with 10 samples for each set. I want to know if there is a significant difference for 50% at different cure times, if there is a significant difference for 100% at different cure times, if there is a significant difference for 125% at different cure times. If there is a signficant difference for 4hr cure at different volumes, etc…. I didn’t copy all the data, I actually have more samples per experiment. If I do a single factor ANOVA 6x (50%-different cure times, 100%-different cure times, 125%-different cure times, 24hr-different volumes, 72hr-different volumes, 168hr-different volumes, 300hr-different volumes), I get that there is a signficant difference between the means for 50%-different cure times, 100% -different cure times, 125%- different cure times. For the others, I get there is no significant difference.

When I do a two way ANOVA, formatted as below in excel, I get that P> 0.05 for “rows- volumes”, and P < 0.05 for “columns ->cure times”, P> 0.05 for the interaction term. What exactly is the two-factor test telling me? It seems contradictory to the 1-way results. I may have understood this wrong, but since P>0.05 for the volume, it means that there is no significant difference between the volumes on my dependent variable for different cure times. Is a 2-factor anova appropriate here for the questions that I want to answer above. I have very limited statistics about Nevin Manimala knowledge so if you could explain like I’m a child that would be great!

24hr 72hr 168hr 300hr
50% 10.0 15.0 15.0
8.0 7.0 14.0 4.3
5.5 7.5 3.0 2.0
100% 13.3 14.3 6.0
8.0 12.0 3.4 18.9
7.0 14.0 21.0 6.0
125% 13.0 3.1 6.0
14.0 3.0 8.9 3.3
5.4 9.0 5.0 5.9

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Advice requested: People who have had their cars vinyl wrapped…

I’m thinking about having my car wrapped, but I haven’t seen any discussion or advice anywhere about living with the wrapped car afterwards.

Can I wash the car as usual using a pressure washer?

How long should I expect the wrap to last on a lightly used (4-5k miles/year car) that is kept outside on my driveway?

Any pitfalls to be aware of or tips on keeping the wrap looking good?


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