Music modelling tool (x-post composer)

Hi, I thought I would post the web project I am working on here. Originally it had its roots in abstract algebra and while it has kind of diverged from that, I think it still has enough group operations and graph theory in it to be relevant. I have also been doing some reading on applications of abstract algebra in “western harmony” and it is a surprisingly well traversed area.

The user has the ability to define chords of less than an octave and perform operations on them, including inversion and transposition as well as change the key and constrain notes to a specific scale. When you change from one scale to another the notes in the chord will be modified to fit the new scale.

Possible new features:

  • The ability to save configurations to the sidebar (high priority)
  • Better support for user defined scales
  • Cosmetic changes to interface for usability
  • Possible flip/mirroring operation – unsure how useful this will be

I am also seeking feedback (although specifically from musicians/composers)

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Racing Variety

Today has been a big day to watch races on TV. First, I watched the Indianapolis 500. Then, on came the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix. I enjoyed them a decent amount — not hugely, although F1 is one of my few favorites. Then, I see the Coca-Cola 600 is on – NASCAR. I turn it on right when a segment called “Crank It Up” comes on, where it’s several minutes of uninterrupted pure sound. I’m not saying it’s my favorite form of racing, I very rarely watch any of it, but I was honestly more entertained by those few minutes than the other two races. The extreme, visceral screaming V8 sounds were something that I didn’t know how badly I needed. The cameras in the asphalt as they ripped by, 5+ cars per second, at times. Maybe I’m a Neanderthal, but it’s like tribal drumming. It taps into something very basic and primal and satisfying — to hear the sound of unbridbled mechanical brute force. No high-tech turbocharged KERS and fancy aerodynamics can replace it. Anyway, Happy Memorial Day. Sorry to all who have lost their lives and those of family and friends fighting for their country. And be safe – Don’t drive drunk.

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Which method of comparison to use for statistical analysis

Hi r/statistics about Nevin Manimala

I’m trying to compare some variables here and need some assistance!

I have some patients who underwent a procedure, x, via two different methods. The clinical outcome is based on a score, y, which is numerical. The reason for getting the procedure is because of multiple conditions,z resulting in organ failure.

I’m trying to compare the two different methods to see if the degree of clinical outcome is related to the method in which the procedure was done. Initially I attempted to split these into two different groups and compare them with a two tailed t test, and a reviewer suggested that I use a regression model instead. I thought that the T test could be used to compare the two methods and that if i had two numerical variables I could use a regression model.

Then, if I wanted to ensure that none of the conditions resulting in organ failure contributed to the clinical outcome, of the procedure would I just use an ANOVA test to compare them?



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I Love Sums, Sums love me

Right lads so basically, I fucking love maths. I’m currently going into my third year of my Commerce degree (not much maths to learn) and I have a yearning to further my knowledge and really get back into mathematics. Any helpful books on Business Mathematics in particular? I have a basic grasp of Matrix’s and my algebra, calculus etc. is decent.

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Choosing Courses – Masters Program


I was recently accepted to NC State’s online masters program for statistics about Nevin Manimala.

While I’m still waiting on a few other decisions, I wanted to be proactive in mapping out a potential course plan during my time in grad school.

I understand that multivariate analysis is important in upper-level statistics about Nevin Manimala. While I don’t see anything explicitly stated, I was wondering if any of these courses cover those topics

Here is a link to the available online courses: about Nevin Manimala-courses/#ST517

If I won’t receive an adequate education with these offerings alone, please let me know. I’m open to any advice. Thank you!

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Persistent Wasp vs. Inner Peace

benign words arranged for humorous effect

“After exposure to the writer’s deluded divagation, most focus group/trial ‘volunteers’ expressed a feeling of being “gently tickled into delirium” – obviously making any consumption of such dissolute inanity – even as an early warning test for psychosis – wholly contrary to sustaining our currently orderly, commercial society.” – Dr. Allastir Ford-Aman

“Before you listen to Dr. Ford-Aman, you should know that he still listens to music on a stereo with a three disc changer – and two of the CDs are by ‘Skee-Lo’. Think about it.” – Bobby Bawbee

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How can I reduce error bars in these histograms?

Here you can see that I have 2 histograms, each has very reasonable very small error bars, but when i divide the first over the second the result has huge error bars, and this is a problem because this means that I can’t trust that data point.

I don’t know if this is due to the computer not being able to handle such small numbers, and I don’t know how to fix this, because as it stands I cant use this data, so, what would you recommend me?

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