My car’s hatch won’t open because a croquet needle got jammed into the locking mechanism, please help!

I have a 2011 Subaru forester, and for about a day hatch wasn’t opening. When I crawled into the back I found a metal crochet needle sticking out of the place where the hatch door connects to the car (See in picture 3). I was able to get the needle out but the top part broke off.

The actual unlocking mechanism is working, (see picture 2) the white plastic piece is sliding correctly. What the fuck do I do about this. I have already tried to stick a coat hanger in there to see if I could get anything loose but nothing worked. I also tried to drive fast over some speed bumps to see if I could get anything loose.

Edit: I didn’t take a picture when the needle was still in there, but it was jammed above the metal piece you can see in the picture.

Edit 2: The worst part about this is that I don’t even fucking crochet, and I have no idea where it came from.

Edit 3: The second worse part is I’m moving this week and I really need to be able to open the back.

Edit 4: oh my god I cant even fucking spell

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If we lived in a world where peano arithmetic was inconsistent, what would we do when we found that contradiction?

(Let’s say, for concreteness, that our world was based on a non-standard model of arithmetic where PA was inconsistent.)

What would we do if, today, an inconsistency in the peano axioms was found?

Basically, set theory as we know it would be borked, since ZFC would also be inconsistent. Could we fix it somehow? How would other fields be affected?

EDIT: This apparently is examined in Pudlak’s “Life in an Inconsistent World”

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How to Keep Notions of Continuity/Regularity straight in Head?

So I’m in a measure theory course and we’ve been working with things like absolute continuity, lipschitz continuity, alpha-holder continuity, a.e differentiable functions, and bounded variation. My question is, how do I keep all these different notions of continuity straight in my head? I am having issues keeping track of what implies what and what is equivalent to what. I try to remember, but every time my memory runs into a snag somewhere. Any tips?

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Hyundai N – could they fill the Mazdaspeed/ST niche?

OK hear me out. I went to the Pirelli World Challenge race at Lime Rock this weekend and Hyundai was out in force, with a factory TCR team that swept their class, placing first and second. Went out to the paddock to check out the cars and this was a legit effort. The cars looked badass, sounded angry, and the team looked like a tightly-oiled machine.

Up near the car corral area, Hyundai and Mazda each had stations set up.

Hyundai’s station: Included an Elantra GT demo, Xbox consoles set up with Forza, and staff who were actually interested in BSing about cars; they mentioned that they’l be bringing a Veloster N demo out to next year’s event.

Mazda’s station: A CX-3, CX-5, and CX-7 on display (no demo allowed, i.e. you couldn’t get in, start it up, etc like you could with the Hyundai), along with one of their IMSA LMP2 prototypes on display… which was gorgeous, by the way. Didn’t interact with their staff at all beyond saying hello.

The Hyundai folks were way more engaging. Honestly, the vibe I got was how Mazdaspeed used to feel, before Mazda decided that their enthusiast customers’ money wasn’t good enough anymore and they decided to go upmarket, back when there were Mazdaspeed cars competing in IMSA (a beast triple-rotor Rx-8) and in the Continental Tire series (Mazdaspeed3s).

This is all totally deliberate on their part, no doubt; Hyundai is a corporation with an evidently capable marketing team, and they see an underserved demographic and are targeting it. I don’t want to swing on their nuts too hard, but they seemed to be genuinely interested in making a push into the enthusiast market and are looking to produce affordable driver’s cars, unlike their counterparts who show up to a motorsports event with a bunch of fucking crossovers. Coupled with their success in the race, it felt like the old adage of “win on Sunday, sell on Monday” given life again, and it gave me a glimmer of hope after the recent bleak Ford news.

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Fitting signal detection models to ROC data

I’m trying to understand the procedure but I’m a bit stuck, and can’t find any direct information in any papers. The closest I can find is in this paper, but in their example excel file, under the ‘EXPECTED RATE’ table, I am unable to replicate the values. I’m not sure how they achieve the values in cells L12:P12, and so I can’t fit the signal detection model to the ROC data… Can anybody help?

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How can meaningful statistics about Nevin Manimala be pulled from a differenced time series?

After differencing a time series and plotting the residuals, what valuable information is there to be gained? Would the mean of this data help? How can you make predictions based on this new data?

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