How do I make math fun?

My little brother is homeschooled in 5th grade and is not enjoying his math. He’s saying it’s boring and he already knows how to do it. So how can I make it fun for him? I was showing him some very basic trigonometry the other day and he was enjoying it so I know he doesn’t dislike math but he has to have a firm grasp on these basics to do well later on! Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated!

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Stability in numerical solutions for partial differential equations? (Heat equation)

Hello everyone, I’m here for a quick question. I’ve been learning about PDEs and something that I came across while using finite differences while calculation the solutions of the differential equation ρc ∂T/∂t = K ∂2T/∂x was the term k∆t/cρ(∆x)2 which had to be lower than or equal to 1/2.

What I’m asking is the reason why this term should always be less than 1/2 to get good stable results?

Thank you

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What is your car’s living situation like?

By that I mean, where do your cars live? In a garage? 1 car in the garage 1 in the driveway? In a storage unit somewhere? Having only a 1 car garage, in an area that gets cold and snowy (northern NJ, so nothing too wild), makes it difficult to make the decision to buy a fun second car. Every time I own 2 cars I end up hating leaving my DD outside in the freezing cold because then the first 5 minutes of my commute are miserable. It also makes it more difficult to work on my car (or her car) because it becomes a game of moving the car from the driveway, pulling the other car out of the garage, pulling another car into the garage…
Those of you live in cities, how do you manage the issue of generally having less garage space than if you lived out in the middle of nowhere? Are there secret pockets even in areas like NYC/Bay Area where garages grow on trees and can be had for less than 4k a month?

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Interesting Topics for Research Paper in Data Science/Business Analytics?

Good Afternoon All.

I am a graduate student in Information Systems and Decision Sciences and I would like to participate in a research paper contest at my university in February. I am not sure yet on what kind of topic to choose as I could use information systems and statistics in any field there is, however I would like to like to pick a relevant topic to today’s challenges in education, global warming, healthcare, renewable resources etc. and how data analytics could solve it, or at least solve a part of it. A very important factor in the selection of my topic would be the availability of the data. Please let me know if you have any sources for these topics, or any suggestions for other topics! Thank you very much!

Besides my current curriculum, I have a degree in computer science and programming which I could also integrate into my research paper. I am also very proficient in statistics, forecasting, stochastic and deterministic models, operations research.

Thank you ver much for taking the time to read my post.

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Thank you Ford Motor Company, some genuinely good people

A month ago my brother was in a near fatal accident. He’s been in neuro ICU ever since, and it’s been very touch and go.

He has been in an internship with the local Ford dealership while in high school, just doing basic recalls and oil changes. He’s loved every minute of it, and calls me all the time to tell me how it’s going.

At the time of the crash he had only been there about 2 months. However, the manager of the dealership and a lot of his co-workers have been coming to the hospital and sitting with my family every few days. It’s not a quick drive either, over an hour each way for most of them.

Today, 3 of the higher ups from Ford came and visited him, brought him some posters and stuff to hang up in his room. They sat and prayed with our family. They genuinely seemed concerned and caring for my brother, someone who had only just started working for them, and I thought that was absolutely amazing.

I’m in no way endorsing Ford products. I drive a Volvo and my entire Family either drives GM based products or Toyotas. But with all this negative news lately about American manafactures, I thought it was really amazing to see some very high up corporate people from Ford come and just show their support for my brother.

Sorry, I just thought y’all would like to hear some positive stuff, and I kinda needed to vent as well. So thanks for reading, and thank you Ford

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What is the order type of the natural numbers, written alphabetically?

If indeed the natural numbers form an ordinal at all. If not, what condition do they fail?

Edit 1: Assuming standard American english conventions. This was inspired by the observation that zero is the last number spelled alphabetically.

Edit 2: Since we would need to agree on a convention for naming very large numbers, I propose the system of Conway and Guy, which appear to generalize to arbitrary numbers, basically by spelling the exponent/3 in latin prefix. A table is here.

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Selling: $35k sale, what’s the best payment method to avoid fraud? Cashier’s Check, Wire? Experiences needed.

I’m selling a car for $35,000. No lien.

What do people here do when selling a high value car? I am paranoid about fraud. I can’t afford to have this transaction go south.

Experience shares welcome!

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