Very basic question from an absolute math imbecile.

I’m working on a little video game project that involves a slot machine minigame. I want to skew the rewards a bit in favor of the player. It’s a very basic setup:

  • There are three symbols, a Lemon, a Cherry, and an Apple.
  • Each one has an equal chance of showing up. (1/3)
  • There are three “slots”.

I’m extremely bad at even basic math, but I THINK that the chances of getting three of any fruit should be approximately 1 in 3.

Am I correct?

Edit: Decided to just brute force it in MS Paint drawing little colored circles.

There’s only 3 possible win combinations across 27 total combinations. I don’t belong anywhere near a casino.

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Test of difference between non-normal distributions?

I have data on a certain type of races. Participants start from a specific track (1-8) and finish in a specific place (1-8). Given the betting before the race each participant can be ranked according to their odds of winning (1-8). ​ I have already have the distribution of winners per track, I want to compare this with winners per track given that a specific track has the lowest odds (ie is the favorite) ​ What statistic test is appropriate? submitted by /u/LeatherCommunication [link] [comments]

About to Graduate in December… BA Stats

Hello, I am looking for feedback on my resume and since I am getting my degree in stats I feel like this would be the best place to get it. I posted this post on r/resumes and have gotten no responses even though I had to created the post again after a few days of the first post because I got no critiques.

Let me know what you think it is very much appreciated 🙂

Also please click on the Imgur link as I am thinking of switching my work experience with my project experience. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to help me out.

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Discovering Statistics Using R vs Statistics and Data Analysis: An Introduction?

Looking for a good intro book to do a bunch of practice problems and get a solid foundation for basic, intro statistics. I saw that “Discovering Statistics Using R” was previously recommended by this sub, but is it good for learning to use R+some stats, or will it give me the solid foundation I’m looking for? I found “Statistics and Data Analysis: An Introduction” from CMU’s intro stats course syllabus. Unfortunately, I can’t find it online so if it happens to be the better book I’d appreciate recommendations for substitutes. Thanks! submitted by /u/pretysmitty [link] [comments]

The most difficult place to drive a high power manual car daily.

I would say Russian Hill, San Francisco, CA. It has pretty much every elements. Streets are steep. Traffics are bad. Frequent stop signs. There is a high chance of having a tail gator (who drives an expensive car) right behind you when you stop in front of the stop sign.

What’s your thought?

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Bought an Aston Martin recently, help me solve a mystery.

I recently bought a 2009 Aston Martin DBS and I’ve been trying to solve a bit of a mystery about it since I got it. A few things lead me to believe someone installed an integrated radar detector in the car at some point in its past but I’m not entirely certain.

First clue is a noise the car makes upon inserting the key and powering the accessories. As heard in the video at the :05 mark it makes a sound a few seconds after the car powers up which sounds like a radar detector. I’ve heard other Aston Martin DB9’s and DBS’s start up and none of them make that sound.

Additionally, affixed to the front of the car is something that looks similar (but not exactly from any of the google image searching I’ve done) to a radar/laser remote sensor module but I’m not entirely certain as I’ve yet been able to find something that looks exactly like it. This box is also something I’ve not seen on any other Aston Martin DB9’s or DBS’s so it’s probably aftermarket. There are no numbers/letters/markings of any kind on the parts I can see (I’ve not disassembled anything to go looking either). Pictures here:

However, other than these two things (the sound and the mysterious ‘box’) I can NOT find ANYTHING else in the car. No display, no mysterious buttons, nothing looks to be added or removed in the interior at all. I do know that installations can be quite stealthy, particularly in the northeast where I know some states have laws against them. If someone can identify the sound or box definitively I’m going to start pulling interior panels until I find something. (The prospect of pulling apart an AM interior sounds a bit daunting to be honest)

For some context, I know the car was purchased early 2009 at Bentley Parsippany in New Jersey (damn, someone paid $300k for this car at the hight of the financial crisis) and registered in New Hope PA. It was then traded in at a Rolls Royce dealer in 2010 in the same area. It was next registered in Newport Beach CA where it stayed until 2015 when it came to Texas to the owner I purchased it from. The previous owner doesn’t know anything about either the noise or box on the front of the car, he just drive it for a few thousand miles over 3 years and sold it to me. So my best guess is that it was installed at the dealer in 2009 but I have no idea really. Which would make the radar detector 2008/2009 vintage (which might be why I don’t see anything similar online as I imagine the technology has evolved quite a lot since).

Or, it is something else entirely, I have no idea. Anyone here have any clues or recognize this thing?

Obligatory Aston Martin tax:

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