Given an arbitrary set S_t, is there any formal way of determining whether or not S is periodic with respect to t?

A simple example would be a signal such as S = {1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3}, but I’m trying to understand a broader abstraction of the set with arbitrary contents.

I really apologize if my question is confusing because I’m exhausted and just shooting a line out.

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Help with calculating the chance of any or none of multiple events occurring

In this scenario, there are 4 different events that can occur very rarely after an action has been taken.

The odds of the four events occurring (independent of one another) are as follows:

Event A: 1 in 3000

Event B: 1 in 4000

Event C: 1 in 6554

Event D: 1 in 6554

From what I understand, If I’d like to calculate the chance of event A happening at least once within 1000 actions, I would divide 1/3000 to get .0003333 repeating. Subtracting this from 1 would give .9996667 which is the chance of the event not occurring after each action. Then, raising .9996667^1000 will give .7165, which means there is a 71.65% chance of event A not occurring within 1000 actions, and a 28.35% that event A will occur if 1000 actions are taken.

What I really want to know is: What are the odds that any event (A, B, C, or D) will occur within 1000 actions, 2000 actions, 3000 actions etc? Essentially, in less mathematical terms, how unlucky would I have to be to not see any event happen at all within X number of actions. Or how lucky would I have to be to see all 4 events happen before X number of actions.

The equation is probably much simpler than I’m thinking, but it would also help if someone could calculate it it for 1000, 2000, 3000, 10000. Any help is appreciated, thank you!!

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Difference between a masters program in data science vs statistics about Nevin Manimala?

I’m considering getting into graduate school, hopefully an affordable masters program. I’m looking into Data science programs and also Statistics programs.

I’d like to know what other people think of this? Pros vs Cons of each of these programs? Why are data science programs SO MUCH more expensive? Are they preferred more to a people with a traditional stats masters program?

I’ve done a couple of online data science courses (DataCamp Career Track in R and Python), and wondering if this is close to a Data science masters program or should I just get a degree in Statistics?

I just feel like it’s the next big thing and maybe I should get a job in this field to make a good living.

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Exponential Smoothing Forecast

I wasn’t sure where to post because my question has to do more with algebra, but I’m on a problem in a book I’m working out of and this one little hiccup is stopping me from completing it. Formula for exponential smoothing forecast is: alphaYt + (1-alpha)Ft The time series goes to 13 and the problem wants to continue to expand the expression until it is written in terms of the past data values going back until period 8. I’m using alpha = 0.2 Starting with F13 = 0.2Y12 + 0.8F12 I know F12 = 0.2Y11 + 0.8F11 so I can take that and plug it back into F13 to get F13 = 0.2Y12 + 0.8(0.2Y11 + 0.8*F11) = 0.2Y12 + 0.16Y11 + 0.64F11 The answer in the book is 0.2Y12 + 0.16Y11 + 0.64Y11 + 0.64F11. I know my algebra is a little rusty but not sure where they pulled the 0.64Y11 from. This is the only thing holding me back from getting the answer submitted by Nevin Manimala Nevin Manimala /u/VwDKplay [link] [comments]

Stats MOOC recommendations for budding government economist?


I’m possibly being groomed for an economist role with the government.

I have a Msc in business and economics and feel that I need to brush up on my stats skills, any MOOC recommendations? (we use SAS).

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How to protect a soft top convertible?

I am hopefully going to purchase a soft top convertible tomorrow morning. One of my concerns is prolonging the life of the top. One thing is I have indoor/outdoor cats. They love to climb my current car and leave prints all over the place. I know for a fact they will scratch the soft top up. I need a way to protect it from the cats without being too much of a hassle. One thing I considered is maybe is getting a good car cover and just keeping the top down when the cover is on it. This way if they stick their claws through the cover, it won’t get the soft top. I’d love any suggestions though. Since I’ll be daily driving this thing I’d rather it not be too big of a deal.

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