Noob Stats question involving speed cubing

Noob at statistics and data analysis here.

I am part of the niche community of Speed cubers (Competitive Rubik’s cube solving.) . We have competitions all over the world and the organization in charge has a database of all the officially recorded times from every competition. A user in our sub-reddit created a table including times from different events as standards for those events. He did this by taking times at certain percentiles out of all the times and set that as the standard. While this works for events that many people do, it doesn’t correlate well to other events with less people. For example: a middle range 3×3 solver would end up being a bottom of the rung 7×7 solver due to the higher concentration of high level solvers.

Is there any good way to over come this skew in times?

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What is currently wrong with your car? Are you just dealing with it or does it need to be fixed asap?

2010 Audi a4 quattro- getting an intermittent p420 code, running seafoam through the gas tank to clean the det chamber before looking at the o2 sensor

1991 Toyota MR2 turbo- slow startup after deleting cold start injector and throttle coolant lines. Noticed VSV wasn’t disconnected (turbo has a new wastegate, old lines are capped but sensor is still connected) and the vacuum line to the throttle body (idle control valve) seems to be leaking. Need to plug those up when I get time. Rewiring afr + boost gauges, and retorqueing the arp head studs are next.

What are your issues?

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I’ve got a huge folder of car and bike wallpapers.

I have about 5gb of car and bike wallpapers, gathered from many different places over the years, like Speedhunters, Petrolicious, Silodrome etc. If someone is interested in having it too, I’m happy to share it.

Edit: I’m sharing an “older” version of the folder, the updated on is on the way

Edit2: the updated version is still being uploaded to Drive, it just takes time for 10k+ photos to upload.

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