How do I get a car? Where do I start as an immigrant?

I’m a legal immigrant here in America and I just received my SSN. Currently I’m unemployed and I’d really like to remedy that. My problem is I can’t really drive. I’ve never driven a car back in my home country as the public transportation is dependable and convenient. Should I get a car of my own first then learn how to drive?Or learn how to drive first then get a car? Also since I’m not working I have limited funds to put on a new car. I’m thinking of getting a car loan. Is this doable? Any advice regarding this also?

I have a very limited knowledge of automobiles or anything related to it that I don’t even know a lot of questions that I need to ask. Is this sub even the right place for my concern? If there’s anything that I need to keep in mind or any issue I need to consider please let me know.

If you have any tips on how I can save money or make things more affordable please share it. It would be highly appreciated.

Thank you so much for any insight.

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Simplest way of proving an uncountable set exists in ZF – powerset

Just re-reading my old set theory notes out of boredom.

I’ve noticed that in proving that an uncountable ordinal exists, there is no requirement to have the powerset axiom. This surprises me somewhat, since looking at the axioms on there own the powerset one looks like the only one that can take you beyond the countable world. I’m struggling to see which other axiom you can use to create an uncountable set. Replacement preserves cardinality, and if you only have countable sets then unions also preserve cardianlity (this may need choice).

It’s well known that without AoI all sets could be finite, but with AoI, which only states that a countable set exists, you suddenly get the whole ordinal heirachy.

Is there then a simplified proof of the existence of an uncountable set from ZF – PS, which highlights where exactly the gap between countable and uncountable is bridged?

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Aren’t Headlights Strong Enough at This Point?

A little rant I guess, but I’m just tired off all these new cars blinding me whenever I drive. It’s not like they have their high beams on, I know they don’t. All these new Honda’s with their full LED’s are just blinding whenever you’re going the opposite way. It’s not like I can just tint my windshield to let less light in because that’s illegal. Like look at BMW with their new laser headlight system; it’s insanely bright.

Edit: Grammar

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Over the past few months I’ve gotten extremely lucky getting to drive some new releases and prototypes heres just a few of what I’ve gotten to drive

  1. A Built 2020 Shelby GT500
  2. 2020 C8 Corvette
  3. Alpha Romaro Guila Quadrafoglio, the only manual one in the united states.
  4. 2020 prototype Jeep Rubicon. (Has older body on it but prototype drivetrain)
  5. I threw in my ’78 Corvette 25th anniversary edition with 36k on the clock 2nd owner that I’ve been restoring just for fun.

If you have any questions about these cars let me know!

I’m not usually a mustang kind of guy but that GT500 was absolutly bad ass. Incredible exhaust noises. Couldnt even record a solid video because every shift threw me back into the seat lol. All of them were incredible machines.


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