A Month With Giulia

Hey all, I picked up an Alfa Romeo Giulia just a little over a month ago and figured I’d pass on my first impressions about the car.

Background: I leased the car on July 23rd. It’s a 2018 Ti Lusso Q4. I went with the Lusso over the Ti Sport because the seats in the sport felt very uncomfortable due to their really aggressive bolstering and I’m a pretty large guy (6’2” 240lbs).

Price: The car’s MSRP was around 53k, but after everything I had over 10k in discounts/rebates. I leased it at 2 years, 12k/year, and put absolutely nothing down. My payment is $500/month. I had done most of my research on Edmunds and LeaseHackr and had an idea of what I wanted to pay; I basically brought my research and calculations in with me and showed them I felt I should be able to get it for and ended up paying within a few dollars of my goal.

Exterior: I think the car looks great and rather sporty. I went with the Vesuvio Gray Metallic paint and it hides dirt well. It’s a bit lower than my last car, a 2015 Hyundai Genesis, but not by much and I’m pretty used to lower cars. I live in one of the snowiest cities in America, so we’ll see how it goes through the winter, but with snow tires and AWD it should be simple considering I drove a 2002 Dodge Neon with bald tires for a few years in college in the same weather.

Interior: I went with the one with red leather. I love it. The overall interior is high quality with a lot of soft touch surfaces in all the right places. It was a bit small at first coming from the Genesis, but I have no problems with it now. I don’t think anyone much taller than I could fit into the seat without their head touching the ceiling. The trunk and trunk opening are relatively small, but I can fit most things I need to in there and the seats fold down (thank god, they didn’t in the Genesis). The back seat is somewhat tight with taller people sitting up front but would be fine for shorter trips. My back seat is occupied by 2 dogs 99% of the time so it isn’t a problem.

Technology: The controls in general are pretty intuitive. There are some exceptions. The turn signal stock doesn’t click and stay in the spot you push it in to, it basically just goes up/down and then back to center. A hard push keeps the signal on until you complete a turn and a lighter one just blinks a few times for lane changes. It took a bit to get used to at first, but I’m used to it now.

The engine auto start/stop is interesting, but annoying when it’s hot out. It shuts the AC off for the most part and it can get hot inside quick. It does, however, fire up fast and I haven’t had any issues with it. I turn it off when it’s hot out.

My one gripe is the lack of touch screen, but I’ve also gotten used to that. Though I would still like one. It does have CarPlay and Android Auto but using them without a touch screen is somewhat annoying. The click wheel in the center works fine for navigating for the most part and the rest of the controls are all on the wheel or easily accessible. The entertainment system does boot up the instant I turn the car on, which is great since the Genesis would take a few seconds (or longer sometimes).

All the other fancy driving aids seems to work well. The adaptive cruise I’ve used several times and works fine, the lane departure warning works, but it doesn’t automatically steer you back into the lane so I’ve just turned it off since it can get annoying (it makes a sound that sounds like rumble strips whereas the Genesis just had the wheel vibrate and steered you back into the lane which was great).

Performance: Coming from the boat that is the Genesis (currently the G80) this thing is quick and handles amazingly well. The steering is very tight. I opted for the adjustable dampers and it’s noticeable going between the two levels.

In normal driving mode the car is pretty standard, quiet, and handles the road well. In Dynamic (aka Sport) mode it is significantly tighter, rougher, and you can feel every part of the road (which is awesome). Sport also seems to tighten up the steering and the way it manages the gears is very aggressive compared to other cars with a sport mode that I’ve driven. The way it manages the gears and feels in general is reminiscent of a Ferrari 488 I recently drove on vacation in Italy (which I guess makes sense). There is definitely a huge difference between normal and Dynamic modes; far more than any car I’ve driven in the past.

In both modes the paddles are amazing. They feel great and respond extremely quick.

There is also a mode called Advanced Efficiency which I cannot review as I have only ever driven in it during the test drive, though I think the way it gimps the throttle response will be helpful in the winter.

I think the epa mpg is something like 23/31. In my first 1500 miles or so I’ve sat around 20mpg city and the one long road trip I took was over 38mpg highway (cruising at ~80 the whole way, which is even more impressive). I could definitely improve the city mileage, but na.

Feel free to ask any questions!

Edit: I forgot to mention, I was super annoyed because apparently WeatherTech doesn’t make front mats for this car, so I ended up going with these ones called Tux Mats. They are really nice and match the quality of the interior really well.

Here are a couple pics of the car and of the floor mats/seat: https://imgur.com/a/bKHzugB

Edit 2: The Start/Stop button is on the steering wheel which clearly makes this a race car. 😉

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How to find out if two time series are inversley correlated?

I am using R, and I have two time series, and I want to know if they are correlated, which is the pearson index (which is the strenghtness of the correlation) and if they are invers correlated or directly correlated

How can I do it in R?

The command for the correlation?

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Need to Learn How to Use SPSS Syntax ASAP

Hello all. I’m a grad school student who ended up in a program that heavily uses the SPSS program. While I have a decent knowledge of stats, and I’ve used SPSS before, I’ve never had to write or use syntax in any capacity. I’m working on a research project now and it’s expected that I be able to run all the data and such using syntax and I have absolutely no idea where to begin. Are there any good resources or books that I can take to in my spare time to master this a quickly as possible! Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you!

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Are all the services the dealer sells you really needed?

I am at the dealer getting my 2018 Hyundai Elantra Sport serviced. I went in for the 15k service, and was given a selection between 3 options. All my other cars just required the basic oil change / filter and tire rotation. They’re telling me I need all that. Plus crankcase cleaning, replacing all fluids, ridiculous billion point inspection, replace filter additives for oil and fuel. The list goes on. All for a low price of $500 -_- is this really needed for a DD with such low miles?

Sorry for the dumbass question. I drive the car normal mostly. I do beat on it occasionally. Would opting out of these services void warranty? I feel like they’re using scare tactics to get me to buy into these services. Saying my car won’t run blah blah blah.

Edit: here’s a photo of the detailed list of options I was given

Edit 2: So I showed them this post and all the comments. They laughed. Told me in the nicest way possible you all are idiots. So then I told them just do the oil change and that laughing turned into frowns when they realized they weren’t getting a dime from me. Thanks reddit. You saved me some cash. Drinks on me lol.

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