Do any AWD cars let you manually select FWD or RWD?

Just curious. I know AWD switches between the two but are there any cars that let you manually select and force it into RWD or FWD? I think that would be kind of cool. You could choose RWD when the weather is nice for a sportier feel and FWD when it’s bad weather for better handling and traction.

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Dealership dented my car, what should I do?

I took my 16 Ford Fusion into the dealership once my check engine light turned on.

Left it on Thursday and got a call on Friday stating it was the catalytic converter and they would have to order the part which will come in next week.

With the car being ok to drive for the time being I told them I would pick it up until the part came in and take it back once it was there.

Here is where the problems start about an hour after the initial call i receive a call from the dealership saying they weren’t sure who or how but my car was dented while there.

I still want my car but I definitely want to see the damage so I still go in on Saturday for both. Once there I waited for about 20 minutes for them to find my key, for them to tell me that they moved my car to their auto body shop to fix the dent without my or the services rep’s knowledge.

Using my car to drive for Uber this is all causing me to loss money for the weekend and until the car is ready.

TLDR: took car into dealership, got damage at dealership. Dealership moved the car without my knowledge or permission. Now not able to use car for work. Offered two oil changes.

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You can only drive two vehicles for the rest of your life. Both have to be from the same brand. What do you choose?

Both vehicles are totally free and all maintenance and repairs are free as well. No cheating/workarounds, they must be from the same brand, so being part of VAG or FCA doesn’t count. Only these two vehicles, forever. Which two would you choose?

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The truth about Mid Night Club

So I guess you guys are familiar with Mid Night Club, a 90s club that do high speed racing. I’ve known about them for a long time and what I found is far from truth (at least whats written on the wiki article that I find was full of bollocks) So here is a point by point breakdown and rebuttal of the article.

  1. They were formed in 1987 (False) Based on the archived Mid Night Porsche Works site, they were founded in 1982. Around the era of Tomei racing. Link to translated version.
  2. They don’t exclusively race on the highways, they do other stuff too. A part of the club race on Hakone
  3. Impostor cars weren’t vandalized, if they really do vandalize cars they would immediately be identified because their cars have the names of tuner shops, so police investigation wouldn’t really be that hard. Here is a scan of an AutoWorks magazine in which the reviewer himself being a Mid Night Club member.
  4. I find it really hard to believe the club is private, they themselves were featured in a lot of video productions and numerous magazine features from Japan or overseas.
    1. Taiwanese car magazine SpecR doing a story on Mid Night Club and them being the backstory of Wangan Midnight
    2. Eternal Supercar Max Speed Trial produced by AutoWorks (Note the two drivers have Mid Night wording on their helmets)
    3. A number of Autoworks magazines. A magazine closely affiliated with Mid Night Club
  5. The wiki article mentions the club has a policy where they would disband if got into a crash and innocent bystanders were involved. Based on a Max Power interview with Masaru Hosoki, the interviewer explicitly mentions about a crash involving Mid Night Club the previous year. Part 1. Part 2.

TLDR: The Mid Night Club wiki article is completely misleading and poorly written.

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Chem/math qn

Hello, Im a middle school student studying organic chemistry, and I just learnt about isomers. Is there a way to express the number of isomers of a compound as a function of the number of bonds/number of carbon/hydrogen atoms? This way, I don’t need to find out manually the number of possible isomers by drawing(which gets very tedious when the carbon atoms go above 10)

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