The art of problem creation

Let me preface this by saying that I want to become good at posing problems. By good I mean able to produce problems of varying difficulty that are insightful and read well. I understand this is quite general so lets focus on pre-universtiy maths (similar to a-level for those familiar with the uk system) so things like u-substiution, polar coordinates, hyperbolic functions, solving 1st/2nd order DEs.

How do people do it? It seems so difficult to create these seemingly random scenarios and expressions that you want students to prove. Even then, they must not be too challenging and not too easy. For example:

How can I become good at posing such problems?

How “able” should I be mathematically speaking to be able to come up with good problems?

This is all very broad I know, but I just want some guidance. any advice at all is highly appreciated 🙂

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Maths delirium while sleeping

This is gonna sound weird. Over the course of the last few days I have been revising for a school maths exam, pretty much non stop alongside physics. Because of this constant exposure to the equations and numbers I have started to notice myself falling into a brief state of delirium at night. This involves my thoughts about normal everyday things turning into a maths equation in my head. For example I might be thinking about my position in my bed and I will start to treat it as some sort of maths problem with each side of the equation being the side of the bed or some sh*t. Or who I spoke to most in the day will turn into some quadratic inequality. Fortunately I almost instantly return to reality, but I still find this quite odd.

Any thoughts?

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Any Stats Grad Students Here, Care To Share Some Insight Re: Program Acceptance, Requirements, and Preparation?

My interest is in medical/research study design and analysis. There are several Master’s and PhD level programs in my area. I’m taking all stats, algebra, and calc classes that my local CC have available—for groundwork & to bring up my gpa and hopefully secure a recommendation or two. Any other classes I should look at? Are these programs particularly competitive? Any other insights you might share? I appreciate all input. submitted by /u/stickynote_oracle [link] [comments]

Determine chances of passing a test based on performance of in practice test(s)

My basic question is: If a test has 540 possible concept areas and tomorrow I will be tested on 240 of them and I just took a 120 question practice test and scored an 80%, what are my chances of scoring above a 70% on a 240 question test tomorrow? Each question has 3 possible answers only one of which is correct. I know basic stats but not sure how you would go about solving this I’d love to learn, thank you. submitted by /u/eaglessoar [link] [comments]