What car haven’t you seen in years and think is a nearing extinction in 2018?

I’d like to compose a list of these cars. This idea came to my mind the other day when I saw a first generation Hyundai Tiburon on the side if the road. Even though it’s not that special I had to pull off and take a look at it because I had realized: I haven’t seen one of these since the 2000s. May not be the case down south I’m not sure, but up here in the rust belt it seems to be. It’s something I’d like to document to tell my kids someday, just like the first time I was pulled over was by a Crown Vic. Which seem to have been replaced by SUVs. Idk I’m weird

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Push start fell into dashboard

I drive a 2015 Ford Fusion Titanium. The other day I got in the car and hit the Push to Start button as any other time. But when I did the Push Start slipped into the dashboard and I was left with the exterior ring that holds it in place around my finger. Looking at the ring shows that the plastic broke. Is there a way I can fix this myself? The push button is still within reach and I can turn it off and on, but its probly an inch or so inside the dash. Any advice would be helpful. I’d hate to have to pay hundreds for a cheap plastic piece and labor on top. To just clarify I dont hulk press the start button when turning it on, just a light tap.

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What is the “strongest” brand in the auto industry?

Ever since I got a Mustang I’ve become much more aware just how strong the Mustang brand is, particularly in the U.S. Everyone knows about the Mustang and a lot of people have a positive connection to it (minus those who have fallen victim to a rogue Cars & Coffee Mustang exit, of course).

Can you think of another brand that is as strong/stronger? I think the Corvette and the 911 brands are also really strong.

I know this is kind of vaguely-defined question but I’d like to see other’s perspectives.

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I feel like a fraud

I’m teaching myself mathematics by going through the art of problem solving curriculum. I am currently on the AOPS: prealgebra book and finishing the last exercises in chapter 1. It’s been a while since I’ve attempted math because now I care about where I want to take myself in life. I digress. These problems are for middle schoolers, but with some of the problems I feel like a fool having to look at the solutions manual in order to solve/understand them how to solve them. I’m 23 and get discouraged when I run into this.

Is this a normal feeling? I know as I progress, I will understand more, but will I need to rely on other people’s problem solving steps in order to solve a problem or will I eventually be able to do this on my own? I hope I was able to articulate my thoughts and you understand this feeling

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Small sample significance testing

I’m conducting a qualitative study with a relatively small sample (10 in one condition, 12 in the other). This is a result of it being a survey with written accounts and a specific target demographic. I was just wondering because there are some yes/no questions in the survey would I still test for significance despite the small sample making finding significance difficult? Or should I just report the descriptives?

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Cost to outfit a Audi TT for track racing

My dad drove a 2002 Audi TT Le Mans anniversary edition and when he got a new car in high school let me drive it for one year. I was wondering how expensive it would be and the general needs in order for me to take it onto a track in the future. I’m thinking of doing it slowly as I’m still in college now, but I’m hesitant about changing the car too much as restoring it also interests me specifically in keeping the red leather seats over racing seats. Thanks!

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