Which former car of yours do you miss owning/driving the most?

As of about a week ago, I had to give up what was formerly my wonderful 2000 Toyota MR2 Spyder. She wasn’t the fastest car on the road, nor the most comfortable or practical, but she sipped gas like a literbike and was amazing to blast down the twisty roads. Sadly, she had been afflicted with rod knock for the second time during my time of owning her (these engines LOVE to burn all their oil) and it’s honestly not financially feasible for me to transplant ANOTHER engine into her at this point in my life. Mechanic made a deal with me to take the car in his name in exchange for not charging me for labor costs. For the time being, I’ll have to share my Mom’s car with her (technically in my name, but semantics) until I can save up enough money to get a non-clunker car that’s reasonably fun-ish to drive, as you really don’t have a lot of great options when you’ve only got a couple grand saved up.

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I’m calling it now – Dodge is going to announce a Charger kit car

This is 100% speculation. I am not an auto industry insider, auto journalist, or psychic. I’m not going to do a hotsauce bet like what happened with the announcement of Fallout 76 either.

So over the past week, there have been some teasers for what Dodge is going to show at SEMA. And I believe that it is going to be a kit car or new bare shells for a classic Charger.

Let’s start off with the announcement teaser.

It’s common knowledge by now that the elephant references inside the trailer refer to the 426 Hemi, which was nick-named the Elephant due to it’s size. It’s obvious by now that no matter what, Dodge is going to announce some kind of new crate engine.

The silver car that drives over the footprints is a 1969 Charger. Now this could just be stylistic choice, because it’s Dodge’s most iconic car and it was one of the original cars that shipped with the 426 Hemi.

But… it looks kinda weird. Especially the mirrors. They have exposed bolts, and looks like it was just bolted/screwed in. They also appear to be black plastic, much like the hood scoop. The body and sheetmetal of the car also appears to be bare/unpainted. As if it’s going to be your job to paint it.

And then this was just posed on Mopar’s twitter.

Now, this could just be a car to showcase what you can do with the new engine – they did this with a classic Challenger when the Hellcat first came out. That’s still pretty badass though, and it wouldn’t really sour my night if this was the case.

But this Charger features so prominently in the advertising…

I’ll be watching the stream closely.

EDIT: I was wrong. But the concept car is badass.

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