Small bump on side of tire: should I be worried?

Please see here for pictures.

Bought the car used last week and noticed this small bump on the side of the front-driver side tire.

I know this is indicative of damage but is it enough that I need to be concerned right away? Could I last to November when I buy winter tires?

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Function for a solid object with mass?

You know how with a function f(x,y) you can graph in 3d, but it seems you can only graph sheets, not actual solids that have a mass. I was thinking the inequality x2 + y2 + z2 <= r2 could work but isnt there something nicer with an actual equation? Maybe with an f(x,y,z)?

Ps: Asking cuz just started learning multivariable calculus and this got me curious.

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[2005 Mitsubishi Lancer (not evo)] I Get Zapped Every Time I Put Key Into My Ignition?

I’ve only noticed recently (< 1 week) that I get zapped as soon as the key goes in. The key I am using is an OEM replacement that I got approx 3 months ago.

Some searching indicates static discharge but it happens when I am wearing any type of clothing or footwear.

I haven’t changed the way I enter and exit the vehicle at all.

Thanks in advance

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