List of von Neumann Publications

Hi, I’m trying to find a list of everything von Neumann published. I know there’s an actual 6-volume series on Amazon, but I just want a list of citations, not to buy an actual book. I don’t know why just Googling it several times in different ways didn’t pull one up (it’s got to exist somewhere, right?), but if anyone knows I’d appreciate it.

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Trying to answer the question of variance vs standard deviation. Please help!

So I know that STD dev. is the square root of variance. And variance is the average amount of distance from the mean for the data set. How do I describe std deviation without it sounding like variance and simply giving the equation in words? Thanks!

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Good conferences for statistics? (esp. biostatistics)

I am trying to find interesting conferences in the US or Canada to go to (will be my first conference). So far I’m leaning toward this one, which my boss said was pretty good last year Anyone have any other suggestions? Symposium on Data Science and Statistics doesn’t have much info… submitted by /u/Jmzwck [link] [comments]

The emergent behavior in math is probably my favorite thing about studying it.

Emergent behavior is when a system that has a set of rules exhibits an unintended behavior because of how the rules interact (think the famous drunken cat story from Dwarf Fortress, or literally everything in Conway’s Game Of Life.)

I’m not the most advanced math student yet but I love it with all my heart. My favorite thing is when everything clicks in my head and I realize how all of the things I’ve been doing are interconnected and cause each other. This isn’t really a revelation; that is exactly what math is. Every proof ever written consists of using a few basic rules to justify patterns and relationships. It’s like a game of chess that runs the world.

Math is bitchin’

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