Resources for self-studying Grades 6-12 Mathematics?

Long story short, I live in a third world country and my mom got really sick at around 2010 and we became broke and couldn’t go to school. I’m 20 now and still in the US equivalent of Grade 5. I’m fairly bright, learn things really fast, and I’m motivated as hell, so I wanna try to self-study all the math I missed and take the GED so I can make it to the SATS this year cause college application deadlines are on January. I don’t wanna start college in 2020 I’ll be 23 by then and that feels too old for me.

So if anyone could recommend me really good resources, I’d really appreciate it! I’ll start Khan Academy, but I want textbooks and videos that explain things thoroughly as well.

Thank you!

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I found a (new?) solution to d=2x^3+y^3+z^3

I have been playing around with diophantine equations after watching Numberphiles video on the “uncracked problem of 33”

A related equation is discussed here and here

Playing with different methods for searching for solutions, I have come up with a new one for the previous unsolved d=2372 as can be verified in python:

-16870920115 ^ 3 + 3384145055 ^ 3 + 2 * 13354335746 ^ 3 2372L

(edit: had to change double asterix to hat because reddit formatting )

What should I do about this? I have tried contacting the author of the ArchiveX paper, for advice, without success.

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