How do I start proving?

I’m a high school senior and I was attempting some IMO questions and most questions require the ability to make proofs. The curriculum I study in emphasizes mostly on solving standard questions and not abstract proofs, so I have very little to no knowledge on how to prove.

Can someone point out how am I supposed to learn or what resources could I use?

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If I am trying to estimate the time it would take for an Instagram account to reach 100k followers, What type of math would I use?

Let’s say I got 10 followers on the first day of the account.

And let’s say I’m expecting a 30% increase in followers daily for the rest of eternity…

Day 2 is 13 followers Day 3 is ~17 followers Day 4 is ~22 followers Etc…

How long until I reach 100,000? I know this is simple math and it’s right on the tip of my brain but I can’t pull it together right now. Thank you all!

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Need to simplify a really big expression for research.

As the title states I need to simplify a pretty big expression for some undergrad research. I have been working on it by hand and it is brutal. I have tried to use some of the online simplification tools but my expression is way too big. Is there a computer program I could use to help me simplify a large expression with a bunch of nasty compound fractions?

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Is it crucial to learn every proof provided in a textbook?

I am currently reading Stewart’s Galois Theory, and I’ve found that, even if I can digest and understand the workings of a proof, it is often difficult for me to remember it and reproduce it if asked. Should I work on this problem or is this normal and should be accepted?

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