Collection of Lecture Notes on Mathematics and Physics from University of Cambridge

If you’re studying mathematics or physics, this link contains a great collection of lecture notes covering almost every topic you’ll learn in university, including at the graduate level.

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Starting in maths


My name is Elías, I am from Venezuela and I am thirteen years old. I love math and am heavily interested in it, I have a good record in Olympiads but, as you may know, the math is taught very poorly here, so I want to study it by my own.

I have an advanced knowledge in arithmetic and a starter in geometry, my favorite area. Can somebody suggest me what to study, preferrably in Spanish, or even best, can be my guide in math? Thanks!

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How can I improve at math

I really need to catch up. I’m too far behind when it comes to math, now I’m fearing I won’t be able to graduate on time. I repeated 8th, now I am currently in 11th. But I also failed my geometry and my liberal arts class. Math is the only subject I struggle on and I’m tired of stressing about it. I hate math with a passion. Is khan academy a good source for practicing math?

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