How do you properly valet your car? (Beginner Question)

So first off, I Googled this topic and a lot of websites give different opinions/suggestions, but I’d rather hear from real people in a real community tell me how to properly valet my car since I’ve never ever done it before (I’m still 18, going to be 19 soon so I barely have any experience).

Basically when I go downtown, it’s very hard to find street parking and sometimes the parking structure is too far of a walk, so I’d rather pay and valet (especially if it’s a store or restaurant).

But how exactly does it work? I pull up and are they supposed to come to me? Open the door? Do I get out? I have no idea.

Also, how much do they charge and how much should you tip? I know going out to eat you should always tip 20%, but I usually leave more depending on service. Is valet the same? Or is it common to just tip $5 or so?

I know it’s a very obvious question, and I just happen to overthink everything. I just don’t want to seem like a complete mess of an idiot when I go to get my car valeted this week when I go downtown and embarrass the crap out of myself lol. I want to know proper etiquette for this type of thing so please don’t make fun of me for not knowing haha. Thanks in advance!

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What the hell is up with mid 2000’s Land Cruiser prices??

We use a site called TradeRev to purchase used trade-ins. Decent site, not a lot of good deals but I always browse through. I noticed this 07 Land Cruiser was at $21k?!?!! Looks in great shape with decent miles but what the hell?? Why so much? Can’t imagine what the dealer will ask on his lot after he buys it.

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UPDATE: The Honda Integra Type-R could soon be mine!

Well folks here it is! So if you have been following this story at all you know that we have seen this car and if it is legit it could be extremely rare. Well the old couple I saw had a kid and it is their kids car. He bought the car from a guy down in Dallas because he wanted to use it as a track car. He said the car was imported by the guy in Dallas as a parts car and they kitted it out with some parts from the company of the banner on the brow of the car. He said the car doesn’t have the original B18 or whatever it is engine in it but it has a K20 or something? This engine has more power and he said he drove another Honda Integra type r with the b18 a while ago and he likes his k20 a lot better. He says he bought it to work on and take to the track but he didn’t really work on it anymore because of his business he started and was going to get around to working on it but he just hasn’t had the time. It has a leak where the water drains on the windshield or something and it dripped down onto the floorboard of the drivers side and rusted the floorboard a little bit so that needs to be ground up. Also he said the kit they did to it (which is apparently was $5000 when the Dallas dude had it done) they put different seats, dash, steering wheel, etc. but he bought the original Recaro seats back and installed them. So he said he wanted to doll it up a little more (fix leaks, ac/heat, etc.) he also said that he isn’t worried about having it even though it is “technically illegal” because he went to the local police station and checked the car over and they said it was fine and they talked about it for an hour because they thought it was cool. He said that this is “one of 7 or 8 in the U.S” which is jdm as shit. So he said he would want to sell it after dolling it up for $9500 but he would “gladly” sell it for $8000 if someone walked in with the cash right now. So basically the car is legit but still illegal and nobody cares and he would sell it to me for about 8 grand. He’s not in a rush to sell it though and he said he would call me sometime this week so I could come check it out. Really cool guy by the way! Alright guys sorry that was long but ask away I’ll be on my phone again at about 12:30 central time! Also I have pics of the car and vin and some vin inspection sticker if y’all want them! Loving the response to this post thanks for helping me and being excited with me!


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