Maaco paint job worth it?

So I was watching samcracs video on maaco paint jobs. They seem like a decent value if all you want is a layer of paint.

I own a 01 Integra ls. It’s mechanically sound, and the issue with it right now is getting on top of surface rust. I can do the body work myself, but at this time I’d rather have small surface rust than huge spots of primer.

I was wondering what the consensus was on cheap maaco paint jobs. I can do prep work myself as I used to do body work, and I’m confident that it would be 100% ready for paint when done.

Would it be a horrible idea to do prep work, get the body rust free, get the dent out of the car, and send it to maaco?

Right now it’s white, the clear coat is horribly chipped, and it has repairable blemishes. I was thinking of getting it painted Samba Green, but not getting the door jams/ engine bay ect done.

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Genesis G70 has an electronic e-brake, unless you opt for RWD + 6MT, which gets you a traditional handbrake

For comparison:

automatic interior

manual interior

It’s something I haven’t seen done by a manufacturer yet, I thought it was kind of neat. I also read somewhere that the Sport trim gets less safety equipment for weight reduction purposes, but I can’t find the article so don’t quote me.

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What is your dream car and why?

This is mine:

It’s a little strange, I know, but it’s the literal definition of a real sleeper, bare-bones stock even. Plus with a pair of pushbars on the front it just demands respect on the roadways.

What’s your guys’ dream cars? Why?

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