What cars, in your opinion, have styling “mistakes”?

Not flat-out disasters like the Multipla – otherwise normal or well-designed cars that just have a weird element to their appearance because of compromise or oversight. I’ll start:

  1. the rear axle of the NSU Ro 80 seems too far back.
  2. OTOH, the rear door handle of the W204 C-Class is too far forward.
  3. the XV40 Camry has a weird kink where the taillight meets the trunk lid.

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BMW subscription is crazy.

So for mid-range cars I understand subscriptions. It makes a lot of sense, but now this article makes me think I don’t totally understand them. I was thinking of subscriptions more akin to get around or app-based rental loaners.

Why would I spend $2,000 a month to drive an M2 that I could switch out to a 400 or 500 series? Why would I pay almost $4,000 a month to drive an M5 or M6 or convertible, that I could swap out?

To me, the idea of owning a car that I love is that I don’t want to swap it out, and that I’m not really interested in even driving another series within my make, let alone model.

I feel this is tapping into the millennial notion that people do not want to own things, but a good subsect of Millennials have quite a bit of money (even if that isn’t you, the tech sector says that is true), and no real idea of value or cost.

I know they’re saying it’s a pilot, and they mean to learn things. But if you loved an M4, wouldn’t you just buy it vs swapping it out with another M class car randomly?

What am I being stupid about, what am I missing, and is this just that thing where I am getting old and don’t get trends?

Edit: the damned link-

BMW’s car subscription pilot program starts at $2,000 per month


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Best way to disable a car?

Hi, I just bought my first car and I’m having problems with the DMV so I wasn’t able to register the car for 30 days. The old owner has a spare key which I don’t have time to get for another week. I’m scared that something may happen.

I was wondering if there’s a fuse or something I can pull out of the car and bring it inside my house to disable the car?

The car is an ‘01 Camry if that’s relevant.

Thanks r/cars

Edit: thanks guys, I’ve pulled the starter fuse

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2014 Nissan Altima – transmission died

I need some help reddit. My Dad purchased a 2014 Nissan Altima 4 months ago. The transmission suddenly died two days ago. No car repair can replace it for under 4k.

Car has 63k miles. No accidents and extremely well take care of. My dad waxes it once every two weeks and takes it for frequent regular maintenance.

He is a sole supporter of my sister, her baby, and my grandmother. By driving for Uber and Lyft. They are fucked. I can’t begin to explain how aweful this is for our family. We are all POOR. I can lend him $1k but that’s it. I can’t cover the other $3k. If he gets a loan I don’t know if he can afford the house anymore.

Anyway, I’ve been reading that Nissan has had this issue and they know it. Its not covered under the AZ lemon law though. Nissan won’t do anything for him. The dealership he purchased it from basically told him to go screw himself.

Any ideas? Any way he could get out of this car? I’m really panicking I’m sorry.

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Netflix’s “Fastest Car” released today (and it’s not bad.)

The show is about sleepers racing supercars. The trailer made it seem like the supercar owners were going to be portrayed as rich idiots, but this is not the case (thankfully). Give it a shot, it’s an interesting watch.

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