Possible salvage title on a clean vehicle?

I am looking into purchasing a new sports car but have a question about titles. I was looking through the Carfax for the car and the title says it is clean. It was sold in California and registered in Wyoming. It then says after the title was issued that “A Salvage Title was issued for this vehicle in error and later corrected.” Following that is a “Title issued or updated.” This is then followed by the car being listed for sale at a dealer auction.

So the the vehicle was sold and registered within 30 days. However, the time between the title being issued and being updated was about 7 months. The car was then listed for sale about 2 months after. From being purchased to being sold at an auction the odometer had changed about 750 miles.

To me, it sounds kind of sketchy. I did some research on title washing and what not but from what I found, it sounds like Wyoming will update salvage titles, but will still issue them as rebranded or rebuilt. The title was issued and updated in Wyoming. I get that titles can get screwed up but combined with the amount of miles put on the vehicle and amount of time between title updates it just sounds bad. Not sure why someone would buy a vehicle just to sell it at an auction after 700 miles. Then again, I guess if it’s someone who just drove in town on the weekends and decided that it was too much of a pain then I could understand that.

What do you all think? Does this just sound shady or what?

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Using ‘Fake Manual’ in my 2004 BMW 325xi

I recently got this car as my first car when I got my license. it has roughly 150k miles on it. I was wondering if it would be ok to use the manual downshift and upshift thing to drive at all times. I find it a lot more fun because of how much more engaging it is. I also plan to autocross this car later this month. I’m just wondering if its bad for the car to use the manual mode. If I’m not mistaken , this “manual mode” is known as “steptronic” incase you were confused. Thanks for any replies!

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Driver’s test and automatic parking

I’m hoping this doesn’t classify as a low effort post because I’m genuinely curious.. For the parallel parking section of a driver’s test is the use of automatic parking assist forbidden?

This also makes me think of future questions as care get more and more driver assists. Do driver’s test adapt?

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I built a 6×6 Jeep wrangler Pickup.

Current picture: https://imgur.com/Qr8maLK

Build pictures: https://imgur.com/a/C5eX2eM

So, This got started about a month ago and is about a week away from body and paint. I wanted a pickup truck, but I didn’t want to sell my first car, so I went a little crazy.

It is fully 6×6, I’m running 2 transfer cases. One stock, and a 205 case out of a 60’s dodge. I mounted the 205 backwards to get the two output shafts, then built a bracket on the axle to pass over.

To keep everything as stock as possible, I took a spare jeep frame, axle, and suspension and added it to the back of my current frame, allowing me to use all stock TJ lift kit components, as well as factory mounts for fuel tank and brake components.

Interior got a treatment of dynamat and the cab closeout is all custom. The top is a Best top duster top that a friend of mine modified to just fit the cab.

The bed is all custom made and having a break is the best thing in the world. It will get wood for the bottom of the bed to finish it out

I still have some body work to do, but so far, it’s good! I am also open to paint suggestions…

Let me know what you think!

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What would happen if you switched from gear 6 @ 70mph into gear 1 without reducing speed?

Purely a hypothetical situation 🙂

I understand the rpm of the engine would shoot up but would the engine break down completely or are there measures to prevent this from happening?

Thanks, Dan

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Drove without coolant for an unknown period of time, what are my options?

Yeah, so I did something really bad to my car. I drove without coolant for a long time.

So I drive (or I guess drove) a 2007 Toyota Camry that I got from my dad. I came back home this summer from College and started using it again. I felt that it sounded much louder than it did last year but I chalked it up to old age and my bad memory.

So I’ve been driving it for around 2 months now after summer began. I told my dad that it sounded wrong but he said: “it’s probably just old or something.” This morning, it refused to start. My dad opened the hood and found that the coolant tank was empty, with the lid off for some reason. I’ve never opened the hood before (because I’m young and don’t know anything) so it couldn’t have been me.

Anyway, I realized that I probably had been driving with no coolant for a non-trivial period of time. I went and got some coolant and then drove the car around with the coolant inside. It drives fine once it starts (or at least I think it does) but it usually takes like 30 seconds of me holding the ignition down waiting for the engine to start.

So I was wondering, what are my options? Should I go to a mechanic and do some tests? If so, which tests? Should I get a new engine? Should I just try to sell or scrap the car?

I know I’m an idiot, but I’ve never encountered anything like this before. Before this happened, I tried googling why my engine was so loud, but it never mentioned anything about coolant.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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What cars have you sat in that gave you a cozy feeling?

Sorry, weird ass question, but I’m curious if anyone else ever gets this kind of feeling from a car they’ve sat in? Like I sat in a newer model Scion tC recently and the windows are so short height-wise that it feels very cozy, like the car is wrapped around you.

Also small trucks give me warm fuzzies, like the truck is reassuring you that it may not be a full sized pick up, but it’s still gonna do it’s best.

Yea this is really weird, but I gotta know

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What are some of the absolute lightest sports cars you can buy today?

I’m not talking track day specials like the caterham I mean sports cars you can use everyday (minus snow). I’m pretty sure the only new ones you can buy under 3000 lbs are the FR-S/BRZ and the Miata. Even on the used market there are very few cars <3200 lbs.

Edit: this isn’t really supposed to be a what car is gud thread. Just a discussion on lightweight cars.

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Please do NOT yield when you have the right of way….

Was at a 4-way intersection today and I was taking a left turn. I arrived at the 4-way intersection (w/ left turn signal on) at the same time as another car who was going straight (she was on the opposite side … so 180 degrees). It was her right of way as she was going straight, but for some reason she decided to yield. I waited for 5-10 seconds, waiting for her to go and waving her on. At that point I decided to just take the left turn.

Somehow, she decides that’s the time to accelerate and she drives straight into me. There was barely any damage since we were driving so slow, so we let it go, but she told me she wanted to “be nice” and let me go.

You’re not “being nice” by yielding when you have the right of way, you’re just confusing other drivers.

It’s not that complicated. If two drivers reach a 4 way intersection at the same time and they’re 90 degrees apart, you yield to the person on the right. If you’re 180 degrees apart and someone has to turn left, the person who’s driving straight has right of way.

Please do not yield “to be nice”.

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