My runaround for the week, a Nissan the Americans won’t be familiar with seeing [Micra]

So I just got this 2 year old Micra as a courtesy car while my car is in the garage and it is my first time driving a different car(I don’t count the Fiesta’s I learnt in) and I must say it is really quite weird switching cars due to how different they feel. Considering the Micra is built alongside the Clio in the same factory and I assume they share a good amount of parts it still feels like night and day.

This Micra is much smoother on the roads, and I swear I feel like I’m driving a bigger car when in it compared to my Clio. The chairs are also way better and the interior is much nicer, especially the steering wheel which has finger indents on the back side of it, although beating a MkIV Clio interior isn’t hard. That being said the practicality of that interior is really bad, like properly crap, there is barely anywhere to put anything and there isn’t even an armrest(AN ARMREST!!!). I’m convinced this thing feels slower too which is probably not the case since it’s a 1L and my Clio is a 0.9L.

Anyway, thought I’d share this since I know Americans love to hate their Nissans meanwhile here in the EU we actually get a rather nice little Nissan for the supermini segment.

My car for reference

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1k Mile review of the 2017 C43 AMG. Worthy of the AMG brand name? How does it compare to competition?

Hello everybody, I have seen quite a few reviews of the C43 but very little from an owners perspective. There’s apparently a ton of controversy surrounding the car as it’s one of AMG’s first lower spec non hand built cars so I wanted to let you guys know my opinion. I also checked out quite a few competitors so I can maybe help you guys find which one you’re looking for!

I had been looking for a Golf R wagon as it ticked all the right boxes. Fast, decent handling, big and it needed to be automatic as it is a daily for my wife who sits in traffic 90% of the time.

Competition: Golf R: Stupid fast and a great interior. The backseat is surprisingly cramped which means rear facing child seats are awful to fit. Trunk feels significantly larger but in terms of driving it’s a bit on the boring side. Extremely capable but just felt like it was missing something. Better MPG, more trunk space and excellent resale meant cheaper to buy new but not a great used option. New prices are insane for what you’re getting honestly. I couldn’t bring myself to spend 40K euro for something that didn’t “move” me.

Seat Leon CupraST: Basically a cheaper Golf R but crippling resale and abysmal interior made it a meh option

BMW 340M: EXCELLENT CAR! Super fast and feels like a bit of a hooligan but shockingly expensive and couldn’t swing it as used models haven’t depreciated into my financial field just yet! I would choose this over the C43 for a more sport oriented and felt like the more capable vehicle in the twisties. Another issue is the back seat felt a bit more cramped as well. The same reason I liked it (Handling) made it far less comfortable than the C43. Decent used models started at about 50K Euro so, again, just too much money.

C63 AMG: Absolutely insane. I have driven older models and they are loony fast and just obscene. Beyond 80 MPH the C63 will monster the C43 like it’s standing still but below 80 there’s less of a difference than I expected. There was a nearly identical C63 on the same lot for 3K euro less than my C43 but depreciation, MPG, and tires would very quickly cover that gap. Had it not been a shared car with my wife I would easily have been swayed but 4wd and comfort alone were enough to put me in the C43.

I found a used (20K mile) C43 AMG Wagon basically fully loaded in brilliantblau Metallic with a Kristallgrau/Schwarz (blue with very light grey interior) for 47K euro. The car has essentially every option besides keyless entry. I got it for 46K euro but the dealer wouldn’t budge any further on price. It’s a very popular car and I’m sure he could have sold it within a week. 2 C43’s had been purchased that day already!

Suspension: 3 different modes comfort, sport and sport +. In comfort it’s a bit floaty. It feels as though the shock rebound isn’t dialed in as it feels like you bounce around a bit more than expected. This is OK on glass smooth roads but not ideal on anything but. Sport is the sweet spot as the damping is far better controlled. Sport + feels excellent on the twisties but pretty jarring over bumps.

Engine/transmission: Eco, comfort, sport, sport+. In sport+ It launches like a caged animal from a standstill until about 80 MPH. Gear shifts are quite quick (for a non dual clutch) and the exhaust makes one hell of a noise. Sport+ means it’ll hold gears all day and MPG suffers immensely. The insane gunfire burble that comes from rolling off the throttle on the highway is just icing on the cake. With the sport exhausts valves open it just screams. I love the v8 burble of the 63 but the 43 is more of a violent high pitched shriek at WOT. I have timed 0-62 launches at 4.9 seconds but I had about 80 lbs. worth of shopping in the back and a full tank of gas. Switch to comfort mode and it’s just a very quick C-class. Gear shifts are a bit slower and quicker to upshift but very nice. Eco mode isn’t great, it’s very slow to upshift and hesitates too much around town for me to be comfortable. Sport is again the sweet spot as it’ll hold gears and is always ready but far more tame and MPG conscience than sport+. Past 80-90 MPH the power seems to trail off significantly though. It’s still fast up to 150 MPH but it feels like it’s tuned far more for 0-62 times and lower speed highway passing than for absolute top speed runs. It will comfortably sit at 140 MPH all day though so it is more than enough for all but the Midnight Club guys. This is where a C63 is a better bet. The C63 just never stops pulling until 155. I get about 25 avg. MPG but if I’m paying attention it will do 30 MPG but not easily. The worst I got was the drive home. Sustained 130 MPH+ on Sport+ over 45 minutes meant 13 MPG! They told me it is limited to 155 but I measured 162 MPH before the electronic nannies kicked in and slowed me back down comfortably (No brick wall feeling). Past 145 (Approx.) the steering goes a little light and minor imperfections upset the car quite a bit. The C63 doesn’t have this and feels level and safe well beyond 145.

Handling: extremely capable but fairly vague and steering is very light for a sports car. In comfort the steering is too light and vague but sport sharpens it up quite a bit to tolerable levels. I have yet to really test the handling but in the twisties you really feel the weight. The grip and turn in is incredible but it’s just not as confidence inspiring as the 340m. Day to day (on ramps/city driving) the steering and handling are great but just not as confidence inspiring as I’d like. Theres a bit of body roll as well but it’s not surprising in a wagon with the heavy glass roof. The 19″ wheels help turn in but the car feels much better on the standard 18″s overall. I’m debating downsizing the rims due to this.

Interior: It’s a standard C-Class really. Very comfortable for a long haul and tons of room in the back. The 360 camera is amazing and makes my awkward driveway a cinch. I am 6’1 and I can sit behind myself with adequate head room even with the optional double sunroof. The grey interior is a bit meh as it’s constantly dirty but when it’s clean it looks amazing. Rear facing child seats are easy to get in as the doors open basically 90 degrees and headroom is excellent in the wagon. The trunk is big for the size of car and very well laid out with little cubbies in the back for small loose items. The Burmeister sound system IS worth it with certain caveats. If you’re a bass junkie you’ll be let down immensely as bass is pretty weak and sub bass is non existent. Clarity is very good and as a minor audiophile I am more than satisfied with it. The base system is horrendous though. There’s just nothing it does well and you also get less sound insulation so highway driving can get loud. I have the optional seat coolers which I had never even seen on a C class before and they work decently well at keeping me cool on hotter days. The interior is extremely well screwed together (This isn’t the case on US C-classes for what I’ve seen). Not a single rattle or loose thing to be felt anywhere. We also chose one that did not have that god awful black plastic center piece. Do not get that one whatever you do as it’s ugly and cheap looking. We have the white Carbon fiber looking one and it’s pretty nice. It looks metallic on first glance but on closer inspection has a subtle (fake) CF weave to it. Pretty OK looking for me.

Exterior: I really like how subtle it is. It’s totally debadged except for the front fenders (biturbo 4matic) logos and I’m debating removing those as well. You would have to have a very keen eye to notice the exhaust or brakes as a giveaway this isn’t just a ho hum C200. I really like having a bit of a “sleeper” as I have gotten quite a few confused looks when I pull away. The C63 is wild in comparison. I usually wouldn’t give a second look to a C43 or think it is anything special. If you’re after a head turner spring for the 63! Everyone loves the color too as it’s quite rare and I always find myself stopping to take a look at it as I walk away!

Overall the car is perfect for us. My wife loves how comfortable it is and I love how stupid it can be. People love hating on the 43 for not being a “real AMG” and I have to admit that before I bought one I agreed with the naysayers but after about 20 minutes I will absolutely say it’s more AMG than sporty Mercedes. If you’re thinking of one test drive it back to back with the C63 and I think you’ll realize the 63 really only shows its advantages well beyond legal speeds in most countries. The C43 is just more sensible all around and if you don’t mind not having the baddest mofo on the block it’s an amazing car.

If you guys have questions I’d be more than happy to answer.

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I’d like to watch “Car Issues with Tyler Hoover” on the FYI channel, but I don’t have a TV service. Where do I watch it online?

Last time I searched, I got nowhere. Maybe I didn’t use the right keywords? Maybe the show was too early in the season to show up online?

But now that Car Issues With Tyler Hoover has been on the air for over a month, I’d like to find any kind of streaming service (preferably free; I’ll tolerate ads) where I can watch the full episodes online. Help me find them please? Thanks.

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