Unpopular opinion: MK4 Supras are on par with f bodies and new edge mustangs

First of all I have to say that the MK4 Supras are iconic and nothing will take that away from it. My gripes start with uneducated fanboys that skyrocketed the price of a wonderful tuner classic because they set unrealistic expectations and it all usually comes down to that damn ferrari race scene. I don’t know why Fanboys think it’s the only car that can beat a super car with mods when almost every modern muscle, Japanese and euro car is capable of doing this(of course with mods). Also they tend to be a little overrated because YouTube is full of 1000hp supras but in reality the ones I’ve seen in person are nowhere near close to those numbers (usually 450-600hp for a streetable one) and I live in Texas. All that being said I had the chance to ride in one that had bolt ons with putting down 450 to the wheel, it was properly fast and the 2JZ sounds glorious, the 2 step was loud as shit. It does turn more heads than most supercars. With that out of the way here are the ways it compares to an V8 4th gen F body and new edge cobras:

They all:

-have a lot of plastic in the interior (Toyota did assemble the interior much better though)

-2+2 seating (back seats are useless on all of them)

-similar in size and weight

-not known to take corners although all are super moddable in that department.

-they all feel like GT cars and are great highway cruisers

-amazing drivetrains with insane aftermarket support

My argument is:

The impression that orange Supra made in the first FnF movie for most people was a car that is capable of beating super cars because it wakes up rather easy with mods. I think it was more relevant back in the day but now technology has gotten better and there are simply more 2nd hand options that can offer 90% of the experience of a MK4 Supra aside from noise and public attention. Shit even a TT 300zx gets as many stares, is a Japanese classic, a GT car and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Intake tune and smaller pulley termis are usually as fast as most tuned supras. h/c/i LS1 F bodies are dirt cheap compared to the Supra and much faster dollar for dollar, and turbo f bodies are on par performance wise with even some of the fastest street supras for a lower cost.

Still love the Supra, don’t kill me pls

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Anyone ever had parking sensors added to an older car? Specifically a BMW 118i M Sport

I just bought a 65 plate 118i m sport and it was advertised with parking sensors. Only to now realise it doesn’t actually have them. I’ve not spoken to the dealership but i know they will just say it’s my own fault now and I’ve already bought it.

But anyway, has anyone ever had them fitted? Either through BMW direct or a third party? How did it go?

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I just drove my Tesla model 3 from Denver to Long Island

My wedding is on Saturday. We have been together a long, long time and finally are tying the knot. We wanted to bring our Great Pyrenees and Husky, but can’t really fly with them, so we decided to drive.

So we finally arrived in NY. took a bit over 40 hours, roughly 10 or 12 supercharger stops.

Would I do it again in an electric car? That’s a big maybe.

It was between 30-40 degrees out most of the trip, we averaged about 350KWH of consumption vs the rated 250, so we had to stop every 120-150 miles to ensure we had enough power to keep going. Car is rated at 310 miles but we didn’t want to risk running out of power. We typically charged to 50-60% and got down to 10% roughly. You charge quicker at lower levels so we stopped for 10-15 minutes a bunch of times, got out, walked, let the dogs do their thing and what not.

Autopilot is life changing. It made the trip significantly safer and easier. I barely physically drove at all.

Would I drive 1700 miles again in the Tesla? Probably not.

Would I do a 1000 mile road trip with it? Absolutely.

The Tesla charging definitely was more inconvenient than anticipated, but the comfort, speed, and autopilot made it a joy.

All in all, love the car, just wish I could go an honest 200 miles with 2 people, 2 dogs, luggage, and gear at 80mph with less worry.

Some pics of the trip! [pics from the road trip]https://imgur.com/a/Sz8Qvjy/

At 5300 miles on the car now. 7k by the time we get back. I calculated it and by 200,000 miles, the car will essentially have paid for itself versus buying gasoline in my last daily (Landcruiser) or any German sports saloon that is close to as fast, like a M3, C63, S4 and similar, ignoring maintenance costs on the German cars too.

I’ll continue to use the Tesla for <500 mile trips, but longer than that and I’ll fly or drive my jeep most likely

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