Any good estimates of how much boutique supercars like Koenigsegg and Pagani actually cost to design and manufacture?

The sale prices are presumably what the market will bear, not cost-plus… but has a moto-journalist tried to figure out what the actual costs are? I’m really curious about this.

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The GT500 has a Cross Plane V8. Why Does That Matter?

The new GT500 is cool. I’m not questioning that. But…

Why does everyone keep mentioning that it has a “cross plane” v8 as though that mattered?

The GT350’s flat plane crank was unique and worth mentioning because it was cool and different.

This one is not. This one is what the other one was different from. Which is what made the other one cool. Which makes it baffling why I keep seeing it mentioned with regard to this one.

Am I missing something?

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Will the new 2020 GT500 be able to put the power down?

The new 2020 GT500 has been announced and will have a reported 700hp+, a better chassis, and other improvements. All for < $100k. Will this car suffer the same issues as the previous GT500, and the current Corvette ZR1 and struggle to put the power down? There was a recent discussion about the ZR1 with the conclusion that 700hp was just too much for the chassis of a (relatively) low cost car. What does /r/cars think?

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Are Mk3 Supras Cool now?

Just curious what yall think. I still have my 89 in a barn I’m considering restoring to a daily. However I’d have to have roughly 10k or so into it to make it a nice car. Versus considerin a used IS F.. But I sure miss it, however my corevette I had won me over as far as v8 fun goes. Also, I may prefer a comfortable car with an auto now due to my 2 years with my current avalon, just so easy to drive. Am I becomign old? 🙁 I’m only 25, I’ve had a turbo swapped supra, prius, matrix, eclipse awd, 11 cammed gran sport, 98;2002; and now a 2008 avalon..

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Is the USA the best car country in the world?

When considering various factors.

*Access to the widest variety of vehicles (big trucks, small imports, electric, supercars) without crazy taxes

*Most variety of driving roads – mountains, off-roading, coasts, city driving, texas and cornfield straights, tracks

*Gas is cheap

*Diverse community of car enthusiasts – ricers, nascar, Porsche car club, track rats, streetracers, RV campers, etc


*Lax modification laws – cept fuck cali

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