Tesla Bait and Switch

I started shopping for a new car a few weeks ago. I decided to go with a Model 3 Performance Long Range. I am trading in a Model S P85D and Tesla offered a really good price for it. I spoke with a sales representative on March 14, and we found a car in San Diego which was a 2018 model and had a price reduction of $7K because it was a show room car. In order to reserve it, I had to configure a car on Tesla and place a $2,500 deposit. I received a confirming email with the San Diego VIN, price, discount details, etc. The Sales Rep said that I would see an incorrect VIN on the Tesla website until they officially loaded the San Diego discounted car VIN in which would take about 1-2 days. Between March 14 and March 23, I received confirmation texts and emails that the vehicle was going to be delivered today March 23 between 10-12pm and other requests such as images for my trade-in etc.

Well here is where it gets shady. Tesla never switched the car to the San Diego show room one. In fact, the car that had my loan approved for financing was a new 2019 model with no discounts. That is the car currently en route to be delivered to me. I spent nearly an hour this morning explaining that I don’t want the one on the way and want the discounted one that was agreed to and confirmed. The delivery representative told me the system “automatically switched off the car” and assigned me to this one. How does a system automatically switch a customer into a more expensive car without any notice or authorization?

The agent today said there’s nothing they can do unless I wait until April for the San Diego car to be delivered. Why do I have to wait until April for a car I have already been waiting almost 10 days for?

All in all, I have probably spoken to at least 10 different individuals in the last 10 days all of whom (except the delivery rep) confirmed that the San Diego vehicle was being delivered to me. I already prepped my car to trade in, cleaned it out, reset the programming to stock. Only to have the rug pulled out from under me literally at the last minute.

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