Anyone ever put expensive wheels like Volk TE-37 or HRE P101 on your daily?

What’s it like to drive around with really expensive wheels like real TE-37s or P101s all the time? Are you constantly worried people will try to steal them? Do you feel safe leaving the car parked in a lot for a day at a sporting event or theme park? Are you constantly stressed out about damaging them? Would you do it again?

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I need information about the Cyclone 2.0L V8.

There is a tiny V8 engine with very little info floating around online, called the cyclone, there is also a way of making an identical one with two Hayabusa engine blocks and machining the rest… If you know any information or forums with some about any of these insane little projects lease help out.. I appreciate anything I can get. I want to build one of these for a project car of sorts.. Thank you

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