Bought my first car with V8 & Manual Transmission last week

First things first: Imgur album

Also, tl;dr: Rode in Corvette. Decided I wanted my own. Used my incentives from working for GM to pick up my own Grand Sport 1LT. 12/10 would do again.

Background: A friend of mine at work was looking for a new cars when the lease on his Camaro SS was up, and I happened to come across some lease deals being advertised for Corvettes for ~$400/month along with a CTS-V being offered at about $600/month (granted that was with 10k down). Fast forward a few days, and he picked up a brand new Corvette Grand Sport 1LT on a 27 month lease. Rode back from lunch with him one day, and even though it was a short ride, I was sold. I wanted one of my own. I had been looking into cars to replace my Subaru with when the lease was up in January anyways. I test drove a CPO BMW 335i xDrive with a 6 speed manual when I was home not long ago planning to go that route. But I wasn’t sure that I wanted to spend 5-6 years (to keep payments where I wanted) paying for a used BMW. It also doesn’t help that I inevitably want a new car every few weeks. I started looking into leasing a new BMW instead. The payment would have been higher, but with included maintenance, a full warranty, and being able to walk away after 3 years without worry about being upside down, it was a decent option. However, a lease payment would have been around $610/month for one optioned the way I wanted with $4500 down.

I conveniently just transitioned from being a contract employee to a direct employee at GM (engineering) which means I now qualify for the full employee discount along with other incentives and also got a pretty good pay bump. A couple of insurance quotes and lease quotes later, I was driving home in a brand new 2018 Corvette Grand Sport 1LT. There aren’t many options on the car – red brake calipers, red seat belts, carbon flash badges, black wheels with the red stripe, and the battery protection package (aka charger). I’ll still have to replace the Subaru in January so I have a car for bad weather driving, but I’ll likely end up going for a cheap employee lease deal on something like an Equinox/Terrain or a Silverado. It’s not uncommon to see 24 month leases advertised at <$100 per month here.

I regret nothing. I test drove it with 4 miles on the odometer. It was at 9 miles when we got back to the dealership, and it was up to 10 miles when I took delivery since they have to take it off-site to fuel it up with premium for delivery. I’m up to about 325 miles so far from driving it this week.

This car is absolutely amazing! It’s unlike anything I’d ever driven before. My first car was a 2005 Mazda 6i which was replaced by a 2008 Subaru Legacy 2.5i. That was eventually replaced with a 2016 Subaru Legacy 3.6R Limited. Other than those, the fastest/most powerful car I’d driven more than a few feet (used to work as a valet attendant) was probably my friends tuned STI or his new tuned 335i. I don’t know which one was more powerful – probably the STI since it was tuned on E85 (vs 91 octane for the BMW). Still, it’s just a night and day difference. This car just feels like it never wants to stop pulling. I haven’t been able to go too crazy yet. For the break-in period, the dealer said to keep it under 3500rpm for the first 500 miles. That’s easier said than done though. The redline on the tachometer starts at 3500rpm right now. Actual redline is 4500rpm. I’ve been doing my best to go no higher than 4000rpm though, but I’ve hit probably 4500-5000 twice. At 500 miles, the odometer should change to its normal redline and I should be good to go after I get the first oil change done.

Also, the active rev matching is fantastic. I know how to drive a manual, but I’ve never driven one regularly enough to say I’m truly skilled at it. The rev matching works wonderfully. The shifter feel is also fantastic. The shifter doesn’t really feel sloppy at all. Still need to get used to there being a 7th gear though, I’ve accidentally gone from 6th back down to 5th instead of 7th a couple of times, and it takes some getting used to in general to know where the gears are. I have a smile on my face every time I drive this thing! It is definitely going to take some getting used to as well in a lot of regards. I’ve spun the tires a few times, and it was purely accidental. A couple of times were from hitting the gas too soon when going through a turn. Another time was just hitting the gas too hard when accelerating from a slow speed. It’s wild. I’m not used to being able to do anything like that. But at the end of the day, I’m incredibly satisfied with this car! The next 39 months should be amazing.

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“A 19 year old kid took his sisters 720s out, didn’t have a license, then tried launch control. Lost control and hit the R8 that was parked. The kid ran away from the scene but forgot his passport in the car lol… the sister then was scene arriving in an lambo trying to take the blame lol”

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My First V8! 6.2L of Fury, my New Corvette

She finally arrived a bit over 7 months from when I ordered her. My 2019 Corvette Grand Sport. I traded in my 2016 V6 Camaro on it and I am not disappointed! I wanted a C7 ever since I saw one a few months after buying the Camaro. I took the leap in August last year when I found that the 2018s were making a few interior changes which allowed me to save over 5k so I began my search.

I couldn’t find the car I wanted on any dealer lots (Its slim picking up here in Canada) and the used selection was even worse. I ended up ordering the car when the plant was shut down. When the plant came back online it was Winter so I had to wait until now to receive the car.

Options List:

-2LT Trim

-Automatic (Can’t drive stick very well)

-Torch Red

-Adrenaline Red Interior with the Two-Tone seat inserts

-Carbon Fibre Instrument Panel

-Transparent Roof

-Carbon Flash Hood Stinger Stripe

-Carbon Flash Badges and Mirrors

-Red Seat Belts

-Black Satin Wheels with Red Stripe

I really didn’t want another black interior, especially on the Corvette. The only colour options are Brown, Grey, Black and Red. I’m not 50 so I didn’t want Brown or Grey and the full Red interior is a bit too much red for me. However if you option the Two-Tone seat option it brings in some black contrasting which makes it look nicer. I then went with all the black on red contrasting I could option and the result is pretty great.

In terms of how it compares to my Camaro. Obviously the power is greater, I haven’t opened it up yet as its still in the break-in but the car really begs to be driven harder. There is a ton of steering feedback, my Camaros steering wasn’t bad by any means but this is a lot better. Its more comfortable then my Camaro. It might have just been my size but after awhile driving the Camaro I couldn’t get comfortable on longer trips and I would constantly be fidgeting trying to find that perfect spot of zen, not in the Corvette, these GT seats are wonderful. The sound, good lord the sound. My V6 had the performance exhaust and sounded pretty good for a V6, but this, oh my god, I could wake the devil himself just by starting the car. The whole car vibrates to that V8 rumble in a subtle way where its not annoying if your just sitting in traffic but you can feel it just enough to know you got something special.

Here’s a few pics of the ‘Vette and my Camaro.

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