Issues with a 1999 Ford Expedition 5.4 4X4

Hey y’all! So I had a bad day today. Was taking the truck to job training about 40 miles away from where I live. The truck made it just fine until about a half mile from where I needed to go, she died. It was on a very slight grade uphill, and the cars speed started dropping suddenly. When I pressed my foot to the floor, nothing happened, and the tach kept dropping. By the time I pulled to the side of the road, it’s RPMs were way below idle (300ish instead of 750) and I turned her off.

All gauges read normal, so I tried starting her up again. Just the cranking and turning over sound, but the car wouldn’t get up to idle, it’d just sputter and I’d turn it off before it died. I thought I maybe ran out of fuel and my car hadn’t let me know, so a kind stranger took me to get a gas can and we came back around 20 minutes later. Put new gas in and car started perfect, so stranger drove off.

After about a minute, the car began doing what it did before, with shuddering and falling RPMs before I turned it off. I waited for the tow guy to arrive, and he managed to start the car (albiet roughly) and get it into the flatbed. We drove the 40 miles back to my house and it started right up to get it off the flatbed. Turned it off and when I attempted to restart the motor, just sputtering and nothing else.

I did some thinking and came to the conclusion that the fuel filter is clogged. My thinking is this, no check engine light or codes, and the Mass Air Flow sensor is brand new, so doubtfully an intake issue. The Triton engines have individual coils and sparkplugs, and there were no signs of misfire before the car died, and even then, misfires make that car run like crap, but they don’t really kill it (I’ve dealt with them before). Not to mention the battery is healthy and the alternator is new, so I don’t think ignition is our issue.

Finally, I come to fuel. The car starts up for a little after sitting, so I think that crap gets lodged in the filter as it’s running and chokes the engine out.

But I’m only a 17 year old kid, so I don’t really know if my line of thinking is correct, so I need your help car guys of Reddit! I have a new job and cannot afford to be out for awhile, so I’m trying to diagnose and fix the issue as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading y’all!

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Car Salesman Treat Me Differently the 2nd I Come in

I don’t know if this is where I should be posting this but I have noticed this on two separate occasions. I (F) went into a honda dealership with my with mother and the salesman was rude, unconcerned, and just overall unpleasant. However, we liked the car so when we came into sign the papers he completely changed his attitude. He was pleasant, making jokes and really helpful. When I went in to an Acura dealer with my mother again to buy a used Kia Optima the same thing occurred. I just want to know if any one else has experienced this because i’ve asked and most people say that they’re pleasant throughout the whole process.

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Embarrassing confession

Today I took the day off of work to have a little alone time with my FR-S. I decided to tackle some simple maintenance and one of the things that entailed was the differential fluid. Everything went smoothly, but the magnetic drain bolt had some magnetic gunk (supposedly normal). I brought it inside and cleaned the black gunk off with paper towels and discarded them in the trash. I cleaned up some left over fluid that dribbled on the differential and tossed it in the trash too.

Our trash is right next to the closet that has our gas furnace and water heater. Later today day my girlfriend came home and said it smelled like natural gas and freaked out and called the emergency gas line thinking we had a leak. (It’s starting to get cold here so our heat is on) I thought it smelled familiar but agreed we should have it checked out. The gas guy came and got no readings of gas but smelled the odd smell…

… the smell was the NASTY DIFF FLUID IN MY TRASH CAN! I was super embarrassed when I found out and I’m not sure if I want to release this confession to my girlfriend… I took out the trash shortly after.

TLDR: I thought my horrible smelling differential fluid in my trash can was a natural gas leak and called emergency gas services

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