For those that daily a beater, how do you resist the urge to upgrade?

I’m currently stuck with my 94 Civic DX Coupe 5 speed as my daily driver for the foreseeable future. I intended this car to be a project car, but I ran into some unforeseen circumstances that caused it to become my daily. While it’s very fun to drive around town, it lacks all of the modern amenities like power windows, good speakers, and a/c. Plus, it’s not the most reliable right now as it won’t start in hot conditions, has a weird kind of duck sounding noise when it gets to around 3k rpm (no tach though so not exactly sure what rpm it occurs at), and the speedometer is frequently off by 20mph. Even though I could get something slightly better, it wouldn’t be the smartest choice for me as I’m still in college.

Anyways, for the rest of you that daily a beater, what keeps you from getting something even slightly better?

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Muffler delete on a 99 Corolla

So, bear with me. Is it logical to do a muffler delete on a Corolla from 1999 or not? Should I not do any modifications to this car or does it not matter. I’ve read a lot on the internet that this car is “sacred” and is only meant for driving and nothing else. Idk if I should do any mods so that’s why I’m asking here.


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If this is the final year of the EJ257, aka 2020 Subaru WRX STI (US), do you think a low mileage example will command a premium in 10 years?

I got into a bit of a debate with a few friends on the future used prices of an STI.

If internet sources hold true and the WRX STI gets the fa in the 2.0 or 2.4 variant and the infamous EJ goes away, do you think it will have any kind of value in the future?

Granted it’ll have a manual transmission so that in itself will be rare, but I was curious what the car community would think, as if it may command a similar resale value to the EVO…

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Replace Lights with LEDs Now or Wait?

Right now I have a pair of bulbs for my licence plate lights, one of them is installed,

Should I take out the functioning, albeit less bright and visible incandescent now, or wait for it to burn out?

Also, would it be a good idea to replace some of my other lights around the car with LEDs or should I wait for those to burn out as well?

I’m just worried if they burn out and I don’t have them with me the repair place may not have LEDs on them and I’d be forced to buy all new incandescent/halogens.

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Veilside Aero Kit integration between 350Z and 370Z

I have a few questions that I can hopefully get some assistance with. I am looking to either modify an old 350z with the “Drift King” aero body look and system and engine swap to a V8 or find a way to utilize the same parts in a 370z. I’m unsure whether the aero body kit from veilside is able to be utilized on the 370z or whether it is only applicable to the 350z. I’ve been researching for a few hours now and I’m assuming due to the differing body styles that such integration would be difficult. Logistically, is either pathway possible? And are there cheaper yet similar looking alternatives? Thank you for your time.

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Check out Randy Pobst hot-lap a GT3 RS against a GT500R — same day, same tires.

Well, I’m not sure which type of Cup 2s the RS had. Did it have the Cup 2 R? If so, it did not have the same tires as the 500.

This is from a Jason Cammisa video he did on the ISSIMI YouTube channel.

Here are the hot-laps, split-screen like they do it in Head2Head:

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