I tried Turo and it’s been a nightmare…

Reserved a car, host was a no show. Spent a half hour on hold to talk to someone and then another 15min on hold to give someone else the same info. They said they’d get right back to me and find me another car, but they haven’t yet. I’m out $50 in cab fares and all I’ve gotten is a big FUCK YOU from turo. Just needed to vent.

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Why are used Audi’s so cheap, are they really that unreliable?

Sometimes I wonder if they actually are that bad or if its the public perception of them being unreliable is what makes them priced cheaper. I see Hondas and Toyotas which are known to be reliable way more expensive in the same year as an Audi car. Even Volkswagen seems more pricey even though they are basically the same.

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DRLs should turn off automatically at night

The number of people who drive without lights on at night is outrageous. They all have one thing in common, DRLs. My theory is that they see some light coming from the front of their car and figure their lights are on.

It is crazy dangerous and a recipe for getting rear ended. Why don’t DRLs turn off at night? Then these morons would be forced to turn on their lights.

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I love 2 door coupes with a hatchback design. Are there any recent examples of them and what happened to the design?

Absolutely love this design. Most recent example I can find is the Scion Tc, have any others been made in the last decade?

Also what are some of the best examples ever made? A celica?

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