Why is the Countach so often prsesented in white when all other lambos are mostly yellow?

In posters, games and movies most Countach are white or silverish while every other lambo is associated with yellow/orange. Like the trademark and the color go hand to hand. Excepto for the Countach? There are a lot of red ones also but white is usually the first color me and the people I have asked think of.

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auto journalists are saying that the mach-e isn’t a mustang as we know it, and EV websites are saying it’s the best mustang ever. nobody has driven it.

I just read an article on electrek. I know, big mistake. I’m not allowed to link to it.

It came up on my google news feed. I was planning on watching the actual film, but after skipping through it I got the gist. They are insisting it’s really a Mustang.

I have no issues with that. I know Ford has to make money, and leveraging their most powerful brand name onto this EV makes it a much safer gamble. They know it’s not a Mustang. The Mustang has only ever been one thing, and Ford knows what that is. To me? It’s fine, I never was a big Ford guy anyway, I don’t care. I think a lot of people also just don’t care.

So anybody who’s ever enjoyed an exhaust note knows it isn’t a Mustang.

This is the quote from the electrek article that put me in this agitated state:

“Electrek’s Take:

Mustang fans, if you want someone to blame, blame [Ford’s head of electrification that suggested it be called a Mustang].

Or you know, instead, you could just embrace the future and see that the Mustang Mach-E is probably the best Mustang ever made.”

Let me get one thing straight before I continue.

Nobody in the automotive press has driven this car. Not Motortrend, not Car and Driver, not some blogger who knew somebody who’s cousin works there and they snuck one out the back yadayadayada, no one.

Without even driving this car, commenting on any driving dynamic (outside of the favorite 0-60 time), or raising any question as to whether it is indeed a Mustang, it is the best Mustang ever made.

There’s a ton of overlap with people who like electric cars, and like ICE cars. I’m fucking one of them! I like electric cars! They feel cool, they drive like a regular car, and there’s no emissions. What’s not to like?

People who write websites like this, who harass people on Twitter in the name of the Musk crusade, who will tell you with confidence that this new mach-e is second in looks only to a ’67 fastback, they are not car people.

When any of us determines who is a ‘car person’ some may cast wider nets than others. I cast a net that’s pretty fucking huge. Anybody who likes cars? Likes driving? I want to be your friend. I want to have more people I can talk about cars with.

That isn’t what these people are.

If it’s electric, you can forget everything else, it’s just better.

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2007 Toyota Corolla / Failed emissions / Lean Code / Advice

I want to preface by saying my knowledge of cars is limited to changing a tire and jumping the battery.

My 2007 Toyota Corolla LE has around 164,000 miles. It’s been babied for as long as I’ve had it. Averaged 8,500 miles a year until 2016 when I took a road trip across the US. Even then, never beat on it. I don’t speed or drive recklessly. I’ve always stayed up on oil changes every 3,000mi or so and addressed the minor fixes that needed to be done along the way.

Anyway, 2 months ago, I bring my car to get the emissions done. It fails. The mechanic explains to me the fail code I’m getting is a “Lean Code”. He put it to me like this, “the ratio of air to fuel isn’t being read correctly by my car’s computer or it’s simply not the correct ratio of fuel/air in the line.” He went on to say that there are over 100 points throughout the car’s system that could be causing this issue and it’s more or less “guess and check” with swapping hoses, pipes, etc.

I know Corollas, Civics, etc are capable of being 300,000+ mile cars if you take care of them but I’m also at that point where I’m wondering if I should sell the damn thing and finance a new car. Seeing as my Corolla is valued at $2-3k, I don’t want to go dumping piles of money into an older car if there’s no guarantee of the issue being sorted out without surpassing its estimated value.

I guess my question is, am I being taken for a ride by this mechanic? Is there a common issue for this year/model Toyota that should be addressed and would likely fix the problem? If I can get away for fixing it at $500ish, I’d hang onto it for a bit longer.

Open to any suggestions or advice you got.

Thanks in advance.

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