When you’re driving with the windows closed. And the heat, the ac, and the fan off. Is there still air coming in the car?

When you’re driving with the windows closed. And the heat, the ac, and the fan off. Is there still air coming in the car? How do we not suffocate?

Do other people drive with the windows closed and nothing turned on? Or do you always have a fan blowing or the air on or something? The weather is so nice lately where I live I either have the windows down. Or rolled up listening to a podcast. But no heat/ac or fan blowing

Also is the fan every really “off”. When I put my hand up to it I always feel air coming out. Even when I have it turned all the way “off”

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What cars stock can go underneath a semi trailer?

Lets hypothetically say I needed to go underneath a semi trailer, to like get away from a cop or Russian mob, what cars would you recommend that would easily fit underneath it and with enough handling and speed to briskly take me to the other side and evade my pursuers.

I wouldnt mind any price point, maybe some under 100k.

I’m just thinking maybe the lambos can do this, aventador and stuff.

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New sophisticated Facebook Marketplace / Craigslist vehicle wrap scam

I just bought a new car and I was searching for companies that could wrap it. I came across an ad for mobile vinyl wrapping that looked legit.

After some back and forth, it became obvious that it’s a scam. I created an Imgur album with screen shots and more details, but here’s the summary: – offered to install a mobile wrap well below market prices – offered to provide references but then reneged – claimed to be in business for 10 years but announced a grand opening on Facebook 13 months ago – company website looked legit but was full of stock images, had no business address or customer testimonials – insisted I pay upfront but wouldn’t let me pay in person or meet the installer – links social media accounts were suspect (insta didn’t exist, Twitter was a personal page promoting godfundmes, YouTube had only video game vids, Facebook was pretty legit looking until I had a deeper look) – I spoke with the scammer on the phone. He was very knowledgeable about wraps which would make him seem credible to potential victims. Once I started be upfront that I thought it was a scam, he immediately wanted to get off of the phone and then deleted the FB ad.

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What is the best used car you bought for less than $3,000?

Mine was a ’98 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport. In 2006 for $2500. 202,000 miles on it. I drove it daily until 2015 with 360,000 miles. The speedo was broken, half a dozen dents, and the beginnings of rust in the rear wheel wells. Never had an oil leak, handled like a champ, and was fun as ever. Still miss him.

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Troubleshooting 2015 ford mustang. Dealer telling me the yearly Freon leak they won’t permanently fix isn’t related to my compressor seizing up.

The car has had trouble with the ac from the very beginning. At the start of every summer the ac would stop working. The dealership never found the base problem and would only fill it back up with Freon for no cost. Just yesterday the ac compressor seized up and they’re telling me it’s not related and it’s going to cost me around 1700 dollars. Idk a lot about cars so I’m coming here for advice. Doesn’t seem like they can say the two things were unrelated if they never found the reason the Freon was leaking.

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CX-5 diesel finally seeing the light of day?

Found this on /r/programmerhumor of all places. File name states that’s it’s for the CX-5 diesel. Either Mazda is trolling us at this point, or someone needs to learn how to rename files when posting a time countdown. Glad to see it’s actually happening though, I’d love to see the 2.2 in the Mazda 6. Preferably in wagon form.


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