Gen-Z Yellow Color blocking Jewellery Trends

It is vibrant. It is cheerful. It’s zesty, fruity and loads of fun. And it is the colour that is perking up chic runways and pages of fashion bibles across the world. If you haven’t guessed already, we are talking about Gen Z’s yellow, the new black!

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Your 8 Step Guide To Creating a Company Culture That Boosts Motivation Today!

Are you a CEO or HR Director that understands the need for not just any company culture, but an epic one?

One that employees boast about, one where motivation and creativity are through the roof and one that serves as striking to your competitors?

Well we have the perfect 8 step guide just for you #CompanyCulture

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Adventurous Honeymoon Ideas Wild Newlyweds Will Love

Are you and yours looking for a fantastic way to celebrate your new marriage? Traditionally honeymoon feature beach getaways where you can lounge in the sand all day, read, and relax.

But if you are a high-energy couple who feels like exploring the world and having fun rather than relaxing, we have come up with some great ideas for you!

Ditch traditional and have a staycation. You can make this fun and exciting by grabbing a party bus rental Boston has been talking about! Ride around with your partner your own dance club as you explore the nightlife that Boston has to offer.

Do you want a cultural experience? Why not consider doing a little volunteering? Volunteering can help you learn a lot about yourself and your significant other as well. You can also have a cultural exchange through

This website lets you choose a host to stay with, they give you a roof over your head and food in exchange for help on the farm, you can choose almost anywhere in the world! It’s okay to grab a Limo Service Boston recommends for the ride, just tell them this is the way you are spending your honeymoon and your host will be delighted!

Get a quick thrill by experiencing gravity. Many couples have celebrated their marriage by skydiving and bungee jumping. Alternatively, there are places that offer indoor skydiving as a powerful fan lets you levitate several stories in the air. Call us today at (857) 930-4741.


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Saif, who turned 47 with a private bash hosted by his family, is known for his impeccable sense of style. Always a dapper dresser, he has been topping well-dressed lists for years now. Never too flashy, always sharp, Saif often sets fashion goals for men and we have picked five ideas from the birthday boy’s style file that you could steal any day!

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Denmark or Sweden? Why not both! – A travel blog about how to save money in Denmark

Visiting Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark, can empty your wallet quite fast since the hotels and food there can be really pricey. Here are some tips for you if you want to avoid paying more than you have to and still enjoy your trip.

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The place of the graphic charter in the visual identity

However the visual identity is not a graphic charter and vice versa. A company’s visual identity is vast, complete and sufficiently diversified to meet graphic needs.

These terms are important, because speaking the same language as your interlocutors will facilitate communication. Conversely, using the wrong terms or using the wrong context can harm an activity or a graphic project. Thus, visual identity, brand identity, graphic charter and logo are different things….

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