While I was out, someone stopped me to compliment my blog!

Yesterday my boyfriend and I were at a local convenience store and a girl I knew from high school (we were never “friends, so I don’t feel like she was just being nice) stopped me and starting complimenting me like crazy! She said she read my blog, thought it was really good and appreciated the voice that I have, because a lot of people don’t say these things. She also said how inspirational she found it (eeek!). Holy moly I’m so happy! Writing has been the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do, and I feel like this was the first tiny step to it working out! I’m sorry for rambling, but I had to tell someone because I’m elated! Btw: This was the first of my writing that I’ve ever published, making it that much better! Here’s the link if you’re interested! www.mom-with-anxiety.com submitted by Nevin Manimala Nevin Manimala /u/klinebarier [link] [comments]


This is a blog I’ve created a while ago aimed at helping people bettering themselves through educating them on fitness/psychology/philosophy. I hope those who come to my website would be inspired and will add more value to themselves. www.versamaven.com I hope you guys enjoy it and do not hesitate to leave your comments below or on my website, thank you submitted by Nevin Manimala Nevin Manimala /u/xXmonsterslayerXx [link] [comments]


Here is my list of the best lifestyle blogs 2018 out there! Yes, there are so many lifestyle, health+wellness, DIY, mommy blogs out there these days– but when these gurus’ newsletters come in, I always click open! | SHINE BY THREE | + Margaret Zhang covers everything from fashion to travel and culture. Her photos are mesmerizing and the layout is divine and she is utterly gorgeous. And a law student. What?! READ HERE FOR MORE! submitted by Nevin Manimala Nevin Manimala /u/ladysir [link] [comments]

Are You Taming Your Monkey Mind

It’s hard to control our overthinking minds, but a diligent pursuit can certainly tame our monkey minds. Some simple methods we could all use to stop ourselves from constantly overthinking: RELEASE, FEEL, ESCAPE and STOP https://frugalinvestor.blog/2018/08/11/taming-your-monkey-mind/ submitted by Nevin Manimala Nevin Manimala /u/samm9891 [link] [comments]

[Projected Film] Mission: Impossible – Fallout Review

This week I review ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’. So, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to read my review by clicking the link below and seeing what I thought. And, more importantly, if it’s worth your money. As always, if you enjoy reading my review, give it a like, share or subscribe – it helps a lot! http://www.projectedfilm.com/2018/08/projected-film-mission-impossible.html submitted by Nevin Manimala Nevin Manimala /u/jakesayer16 [link] [comments]