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I’ve no degree so I cannot do a publication nor can I pay for publication until I get peer review, review means I can get the investment but lack of review means I pretty much die inside.

The basis is simple. Combinations/combinatorics is: n! / r! * (n – r)!

Combinations can be position or time based but in this example we are indicating a 2 is a position, such as 11112, 11121, 11211, 12111, 21111 is a visual expression (the 2’s) of n = 5 and r = 1.

Where binary can replace the 1 values we would have ternary as the storage medium but effectively we would have two distinct computer languages inside the ternary being the combinatorics and the binary.

Ergo 01211201 would actually be a function of 8! / 2! * (8 – 2)! as well as 011101 in binary if read from left to right.

It might seem trivial to you but there are a lot of applications to this language and I’ve spent about $50,000 pursuing it. There are three issued Patents and Patent Pending status protecting this concept.

I can get millions in investment with a few Peer Reviews by PhD’s in either Computer Science or Math/Statistics and/or some Masters degree people who work using either and have enough experience to make their review pass muster with the investor.

I’ve tried emailing Professors, groups with academics, a few in person visits that went no where, and such. I just need to get this done and no I cannot get a degree (long story won’t go there) to help me publish. I’ll agree to any reasonable terms but it just must get done. Of course I’ll be doing my background checks of people ask for money, and deeply so but there it is, I’m over a barrel and desperate beyond reason anymore.

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