[Q] Using the Birthday paradox for a practical problem

Birthday Paradox

You only need a group of 23 people for the odds to be favorable that any two of them share a birthday. With just 75 people you can nearly guarantee at least two of them share a birthday.

My higher-math part of my brain has atrophied and I can’t picture the formula I need for an answer I’m trying to solve: If I have a giant wheel with 145 outcomes, how many times would I have to spin it before I would likely land on any outcome a second time? How many times would I have to spin it before I reach >95% chances of getting any result twice?

I’m long out of schooling (this isn’t a homework question), but I’m trying to see I’ve been lucky to not land on the same thing after 37 spins, or if the wheel is rigged to not allow the same result twice.

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