[Q] This Chi Square test seems so off to me. Comparing an NBA team’s height to the average male height, but it’s making me think the Utah Jazz’s height isn’t that extreme?

Okay, so I’m just trying to re-learn some of this stuff because I might use it a bit soon, and have free time.

Average height I’ve been using for every “expected” height is 69.1 inches.

Jazz height is below, pulled from basketball-reference

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q
79 76 73 80 85 75 79 82 73 81 76 74 80 77 77 77 72

Here’s what I get

Chi Squared = 19.89

P (I think it’s called P for probability) = 0.225103

DF = 16

If I’m reading this right, the probability of getting a chi squared of 19.89 or greater with 16 degrees of freedom is 22.5%. Basically, 22.5 percent of the time, you will get a group of 17 people that is this far removed from what is expected (average height).

That’s where it seems off. Getting these heights should essentially be impossible. Like either I did something wrong or am misunderstanding.

I did it again with just the starting five players and got Chi square = 7.24 and P= 0.1239

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