2006 Mazda 3 Crank Pulley

My crank pulley jumped about 10°. No idea why, but I’m going to fix it and install a new tty bolt.

My question is, have any of you replaced the pulley/balancer on a regular 3 and seen any friction washers? When I did my swap a couple years ago, I installed them, but this time I went to the dealer and the head mechanic said those washers are only for mazdaspeed models. Seems to be confusion online about it. The manual for the regular 3 does not list them.

Also, and idea why my pulley jumped? Timing chain is tight, both cams are in line with each other, and cams are correlated to the crankshaft (cyl 1 at TDC), just the pulley that jumped. Possibly the washers I put in the first time and shouldn’t have?

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