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Asked this on MathsGRE but didn’t get many replies. In the second year of a maths degree at a top 5 university in the UK. Plan on leaving after the third year to do masters/postgrad elsewhere. Plan on applying to Part III and the OMMS but I’ve become interested in American universities too. Wanted to ask a few things:

  • I gather that undergrads from the US don’t typically require a masters to get admitted into a PhD in the US, because the first one or two years is a taught course and is equivalent to what would be done in a masters degree here. Is it therefore realistic to do this with a 3 year bachelors degree from a UK university, (seeing as bachelors degrees from US universities are 4 years) or would I be better off doing my masters here and then applying? [though the latter could involve re-learning stuff I already know]
  • How do you determine whether a school is reach/match/safety? Are there any rough guides? I’ve been reading around and tbh it just sounds like a load of guesswork. How do you gauge what level the average “successful applicant” to a school is at? Is it mainly based off GRE scores or is it more holistic?
  • Are grades a major deciding factor? I would guess all the top schools would expect a first, but do they care how strong this first is, and weight other factors more? I ask this because although Cambridge and Oxford only officially expect a first, very few candidates averaging less than 80-85% (first being 70%) seem to be successful.
  • Is there anything super/extra-curricular that I could be looking to do *now* to strengthen my chances? I’m considering doing a research project at the end of the year, though I’ve been told this is more of an American thing and it is generally not expected for international students to have research experience.

Hoping some Brit who applied to US schools is hanging around

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