Hi mathmagicians! Fun question from a computer science nerd (very bad at it)

I’m not super skilled at programming – but one thing I think all humans involved will agree upon is that it’s just math. At the end of the day, all we’re doing are standard operations. Add x to y, save result to t. So on, and so forth, ad infinatum.

So, of course, my brain is busy thinking of boring things to bore me to full wakefulness each night, and I think to myself, self, we have many high level programming languages for computers to understand the math we want done, so that it’s easy for us, the humans, to understand, but I don’t know if we have a high level language for math itself.

So, my math capable friends, is this even a concept worth pursuing? A high level language for humans to better understand formula and such? I mean, a+b=c is fairly basic, and cannot be simplified much, but what about changing it to something like: $answer=$first_value !addto $second_value (but, you know, like good)? I realize my example is VERY similar to the low level math language, except more complex to read. There’s a good reason: variables and constants tend to be ambiguous until well defined. In a programming language all variables have a fairly standard method to be written so that everyone who reads the code instantly understands the variable purpose, even if they haven’t read its use yet. It just so happens that this particular example is very stupid to complexify. Take some really complex bit of math, and turn it into a C++ program sometime, and you’ll understand what I’m looking for. It’s just easier to parse (for me).

I’ll take Pythagorean’s theorem.

$a = $a*$a $b=$b*$b $c=$a+$b sqrt($c) 

Sure, it’s simpler to write a^2*b^2=c^2, and then you simply solve for sqrt of c^2, but you have to know ahead of time to do that. Learning the high language wouldn’t necessitate you know how to solve for c, it would tell you how. Indeed, you wouldn’t need to know the theorem at all. I don’t need to know assembly to write in BASIC, and it’s not even particularly useful to know it in that case. But knowing BASIC, I can make a computer do mostly anything. Knowing assembly allows the full set.

Am I making sense here? Is this reasonable?

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